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Obama Scandal Threatens Nomination

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There has been a lot of talk lately about Obama’s current church, but my sources tell me his problems with churches goes back quite a bit longer. Before Barack Hussein Obama became a saint he was a community organizer on Chicago’s South and West Sides in the late 80s.  At that time he worked quite closely with Cleophus James pastor of the Triple Rock Baptist Church.  The Reverend James’ church had a reputation for taking in anybody and there were a number of ex-cons who came to the church.  However, what was unknown at the time was that the church was involved in illegal activities as well.  It seems the Reverend James incited two church members–one with a long criminal rap sheet already to go on a cross city crime spree to fund church activities.  At the least Hussein was ignorant of what was going on right under his nose.  However, several people there at the time describe Obama as being complicit in the sordid affair.

Florida Evans a resident of Altgeld Gardens at the time described Obama as an effective community organizer who swept up her son Micheal in his voter registration drive of the 1990s, but she also recalled, “Revered Cleophus didn’t keep any secrets from Barack.  They were both good men, but what they did was wrong.  A lot of people were crushed when the cops came for Reverend Cleophus, but Barack was just as guilty.”

Former Chicago police officer Carl Winslow described several illegal activities centering around the church, “They called it getting high on Jesus, but that wasn’t all they were getting high on.  They defrauded a wealthy woman named Helen Willis out of several hundred thousand dollars in charity contributions.  If you ask me, they both should have done time.”

Reverend James was not charged with anything due to lack of evidence, but later was arrested for spousal abuse.  He has since died and with him may have gone the one person who knew exactly what went on at the Triple Rock Baptist Church.  Still, Saint Barack’s halo is definitely slipping.


Written by thatsrightnate

March 12, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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  1. I am absolutely sickened by the Obama frenzy. It’s insane that people have lost or ignore their ability to read between the lines with this man.

    We all know there are things wrong with this country and people like him are part of the problem. There is no way he could have loyalty to this country worthy of POTUS and sit through rant after rant of JWright, much less all the corruption like you have shared that barely gets out. I wish I had time to post everything I find—maybe I’ll just go back to all the sites and search the “obama” articles and spend a day posting every one! 🙂

    One of the writers over at Newsbusters (Neil Sheppard?) said to read transcripts, do not watch this man—it’s his delivery that seems to keep people from truly hearing the words, which aren’t much, but always have a different meaning than what they come away with.

    Strange, because I immediately felt a foreboding last year when I first paid attention to him and when I found and posted Erik Rush’s “Obamination” article, I thought the word would never spread! If others would search out what critical minds are revealing, they’d have a different perspective. He is actually proposing more gov’t control to people who think he’s a savior!?!? What others see as “brilliant”, I see as shoddy razzle-dazzle—been around a lot of old school car sales personnel!

    btw, did you see that his campaign gave away concert tickets last week to lure people from the Clintons in Indiana? Some are basing a vote on that. . .!?!?

    Ah, keep up the good work here and don’t lose faith! Thank you for your efforts.


    April 6, 2008 at 9:44 pm

  2. Thanks–together we can make sure a Republican gets elected in November. Maybe not my first choice–but a Republican at least.


    April 6, 2008 at 9:53 pm

  3. […] organizer” and church member back in the 1980s upon his first arrival in Chicago .  I have been lucky enough to talk with a “Yvette” a choir member at that church […]

  4. “btw, did you see that his campaign gave away concert tickets last week to lure people from the Clintons in Indiana? Some are basing a vote on that. . .!?!?”
    yeah, that’s shady. no so different than bush’s campaign calling voters to tell them about mccain’s imaginary illigitimate african-american love child, though. this election just won’t be sleezy enough without karl rove. although i’m sure he’s doing some work in the background.


    June 14, 2008 at 5:14 am

  5. With the unfortunate demise of the late Rev. James (Christmas, 2007), I fail to see how his inspiring and enlightened sermons could POSSIBLY EVER be blamed on ANY of the forthcoming difficulties that have surfaced between Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama.
    After all, The Rev. Pastor Cleofus James’ sermons invariably focused on the gospel of redemption. His message regarding the power of conversion (”When I awoke this morning I heard a disturbing sound…the sound of a thousand lost souls..Have you seen the LIGHT?” 😉 can be directly attributed to the conversion of one blatant ex-con and hardcore criminal, to go from a life of crime into being an honest musician.
    Likewise his inspired message to the Panther Burns, KY Tent Revival Meeting congregation (”Invoke…The Calling Of The Blood!”), can be attributed to the obviously miraculous transformation of a corrupt Chicago cop into (again!) an HONEST WORKING MUSICIAN!
    And of course, this says NOTHING about the late Rev. James’ openly stated and clear affections, (”Please, Please, Please…” 😉 where He demonstrates his absolute unwillingness to leave either the Church Or his Wife.
    In all, I have to say that the Rev, James is a credit to his community and a clear innovator in the evolution of Sacred Gospel music.
    How dare you besmirch his worthy reputation. Could it be that those who would denounce such an inspirational figure are bitten with the vices of jealousy and vanity?
    Perhaps if we could see how the good Reverend’s naysayers would do?
    Given his Pulpit, Choir, Musicians, and Congregation, could THEY effect such awe inspiring acts of faith as are attributed to the late Reverend James?
    Somehow I doubt it.

    Chris "The Anarchist" Ryan

    July 14, 2008 at 9:56 am

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