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His Courage was Forged in Hannoi

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John McCain recently went on a tour of his childhood and early life to try and show the press the forces that turned him into the man he became.  However, according to at least one man McCain’s courage was forged in the Hannoi Hilton where McCain served a 5 year term beginning October 26, 1967. 

“As a Lietenant Commander, McCain immediately took on a leadership role in prison,” said Andrew Carter a fellow prisoner with McCain at the dreadful Hoa Loa Prison, “A lot of us were spending all our time trying to escape, but McCain made it clear that we could still help the war effort even while in prison.”

McCain and several fellow prisoners took it upon themselves to make a note of everything that went on in the Hannoi Hilton. “Within two months we had quite an operation going.  Nobody came or went out of that camp without us knowing about it, but McCain took the big risks.”   The camp commanding officer was nicknamed “Slopehead” by the prisoners.  He was a particularly idiotic man according to Carter.  McCain made it his business to play to Slopeheads vanity.

“Slopehead took great pride in his job and McCain played off that.  He practically had this guy convinced that the prisoners had a loving respect for him and by doing this he made things more pleasant for the rest of us. McCain was a schemer and he’d do things like start a glee club to cover up our attempts to tunnel out of the camp.”  After less than a year, the North Vietnamese reallized what a threat McCain was and offerred to let him go home, but he refused.

“Our big break came in 1972,” said Carter, “when Richard Baker came into camp.  He was a wizzard with a radio.  They had a guard we called Soft Soap who was incompetent and always tried to act like a nice guy.  A few of us got him distracted while Baker and McCain used a radio we had rigged up to try and send coded messages to US Forces in Saigon.  Operation Linebacker II–The Christmas Bombings of Hannoi wouldn’t have been possible without the information we sent from the camp.”

Life in the prison camp changed McCain.  “Before he went in, McCain was the biggest hell raiser in ther navy, but he rethought things in that camp,” said Carter, “I think we all did.”


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April 13, 2008 at 8:15 am

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