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Yes You Can Make a Difference

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Last week it was revealed in a California fundraiser that Barrack Hussein Obama is an elitist that is out of touch with the working stiffs that make up this great country.  What you may not know is the courage of one single 61 year old woman who risked her own life and personal well-being to break that story.

Mayhill Fowler is the wife of a prominent lawyer and McCain supporter James Fowler and a distinguished Vassar alum.  Mrs. Fowler and her husband take great pride in their 43 foot yacht and multi-million dollar lifestyle, but that doesn’t stop Mrs. Fowler from caring about average working Americans.  She first got this love for the underclasses from spending time with the servants her family employed when she was a young girl and enjoying their salty and sometimes baudy stories.  Currently, Mrs. Fowler is a citizen journalist at the Huffington Post.  She also runs Odysseus Cruising which rents out a 75 foot yacht to wealthy patrons who wish to cruise the Greek and Turkish islands.

Mayhill Fowler proves the power of the citizen journalist.  Anybody with the effort and inclination can be a big help to your candidate if you don’t mind putting yourself at risk.  Ms. Fowler is also a big contributor to both the Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson campaigns.



Written by thatsrightnate

April 16, 2008 at 6:02 am

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