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Where the Election Actually Matters

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It seems to me we have a huge ammount of time in this country spent over nothing.  I’m talking about the general election.  My vote really doesn’t count.   That is because I live in Illinois where the Lie-berals and dumb-ocrats will be able to overpower my vote for John McCain.  The states where this election actually matters are

Colorado (9), Nevada (5), New Mexico (5), Iowa (7), Missouri (11), Ohio (20),  Virginia (13), Minnesota (10), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17), New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (21), Oregon (7)

Florida is a traditional battlground state, but I believe if the Democrats win Florida it will be part of a huge Democratic win.  In a close election Florida will go Republican.  In the same way if the Republicans win in California like McCain talks about it will be part of a huge Republican win.

If you match up these states to the primaries you see that:

Clinton is the stronger candidate in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Ohio (50)

Obama is the stronger candidate in Oregon, Colorado, Iowa, Missourri, Virginia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (67)

Two states in my mind are tossups.  Michigan which didn’t have a fair primary and New Mexico where Clinton won 51% – 49% before the very popular Bill Richaradson endorsed her.

The key for McCain is to take whichever half of those states the Democratic nominee didn’t get.  The more I lookat the map the more I see McCain in the White House.


Written by thatsrightnate

April 26, 2008 at 8:49 am

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