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Profiles in Betrayal

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Benedict Arnold will always go down as the chief traitor of America’s colonial period, but I would nominate future President John Adams who actively defended the soldiers who carried out the bloody Boston Massacre.  Recently, I have seen two more cases of betrayal that rise to Adams’ level.

Two prosecutors at Gitmo Army Lt. Colonel William Britt and Air Force Colonel Morris Davis have testified that Pentagon officials stressed that charging high-profile detainees could have political value for U.S. elections and pushed for speedy convictions to keep the system from “imploding.”  Britt alleged that he was told by political operatives to seek out cases that would engage the interest of the American public.  So what?  Maybe these are show trials, but since when do terrorists deserve rights?    The fact they’re at Gitmo lets you know they’re guilty.  Case closed.

I am also amazingly disapointed in Army football player Caleb Campbell who is taking advantage of a new army policy to let him play in the NFL instead of going to Iraq where he belongs.    Not only is this a betrayal of his brothers in arms, but he has an unfair advantage over his teammates most of whom will not be shot at if they are cut.  If anybody saw Jimmy Stewart in Strategic Air Command they say how his character turned his back on a baseball career when the Air Force needed him.  Caleb Campbell is now Jimmy Stewart.  The joke is on Mr. Campbell because if he thinks Baghdad is a collapsed city with a malfunctioning government and snipers on every corner just wait until he sees Detroit


Written by thatsrightnate

April 29, 2008 at 6:07 pm

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