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Clinton Ahead by 10% In My Internal Poll

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At the beginning of this primary season my support went 80% McCain, 10% Clinton, and 10% Obama, but as this primary has continued, I now support Clinton 15% to Obama 5%.  The reason is she’s proving herself to be the type of candidate that the Democrats can be proud of.  Whether its drinking Crown Royal, talking about shooting guns, or speaking from the back of flat bed trucks–she’s looking like the kind of Dem this country used to produce.  The kind that we Republicans used to be proud to run against. 

Her latest move to embrace the gas tax holiday that McCain proposed is very welcome, but once more when she’s been told that economists don’t see any value in such a move because the gas companies will just raise prices her reaction was to make it clear that she’s one democrat who doesn’t cotton much to so called “experts”.   She also announced that when she’s President she is going to smash the OPEC oil cartel.  There’s a lady with guts.  I wish her husband had done it 15 years ago.  Then oil would be a lot less today.

Obama of course is against the gas tax holiday, but did you know he voted in favor of doing a state gas tax holiday 3 times when he was in the Illinois state government.  He claims the reason he switched his position was because the gas companies just raised prices to make up the difference.  In any event is that really the type of flip flopper we want in Washington?  In any event Clinton has just shot up another percent as I right this article 16% – 4%


Written by thatsrightnate

May 6, 2008 at 9:49 am

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