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Why Telecom Deregulation is Important

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In the wake of the recent civil unrest in Lebannon, it should be pointed out that the spark which ignited this latest round of violence was when the US backed Beirut government declared the large telecommunications network run by Hezbollah illegal.

The violence which has killed 15 should serve as a warning to those pushing for tighter governmental control of the airwaves in this country–a favorite target of Democrats.

Barrack Obama has publicly stated “Unfortunately, instead of establishing a 21st century regulatory framework, we simply dismantled the old one – aided by a legal but corrupt bargain in which campaign money all too often shaped policy and watered down oversight. In doing so, we encouraged a winner take all, anything goes environment that helped foster devastating dislocations in our economy.” Is he ready to pay the consequences of such a policy in the form of a hezbollah-style uprising in this country?

My cable bill may have gone up at 3 times the rate of inflation since the telcom act of 1996, but for living in a free, capitalistic and safe society it seems a small price to pay.  Those who advocate stingent government regulation should consider relocating to Beirut.


Written by thatsrightnate

May 9, 2008 at 7:07 pm

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