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Lie-Berals Attack Saudis

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I posted about this very thing on Saturday.  This pressure that the Dumbocrats are putting on McCain is going to blow up in our face.  John McCain’s national finance co-chairman is a charismatic guy named Tommy Loeffler.  Mr. Loeffler has been key in McCain’s turnaround and is as sharp as he is personable.

Among his clients are European airplane manufacturer Airbus as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Big deal–the guy is good.  Of course he is in demand.  I remember 8 years ago when people were all scared that Dick Cheney’s involvement with the oil companies would lead to a bonanza for them at the tax payers’ expense.  That hasn’t happenned and neither would anything unsightly happen with McCain–he’s a maverick remember.

Now all this heat on McCain over these lobbiests has caused him to dismiss not just Loeffler, but to set up a policy of removing all lobbyists and foreign agents from his campaign.  I sure hope we don’t need anybody with influence in Saudi Arabia cause we’re getting rid of them all.


Written by thatsrightnate

May 19, 2008 at 5:39 am

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