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US Will not Get in Cluster F#@$

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I am happy to see that the United States is not one of the 111 nations that signed onto the cluster bomb treaty today.  While many of our allies in NATO gave into pressure, forward thinking countries including the US, Russia, China, Pakistan, and Israel did not.

“This is a treaty drafted largely by countries which do not fight wars,” said John Pike, a defense analyst and director of “Treaties like this make me want to barf. It’s so irrelevant. Completely feel-good,” he said. 

What these vomit inducing peacenicks don’t get is that cluster bombs blow stuff up good.  They complain about the large dispersal area of unexploded bombs that later go off and kill civilians.  Well boo hoo.  Maybe Junior shouldn’t be playing on a battlefield.  What’s the point of fighting a war without explosions

Pike said if other countries insist on shells, rockets and bombs that contain no more than nine submunitions each, the military logic would be inescapable.  “It would just mean I’m going to have to shoot more of them!” he said with a laugh.


Written by thatsrightnate

May 30, 2008 at 4:04 pm

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