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Why the Democrats are Too Liberal

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I have come to reallize exactly why the Democrats are such an overly liberal party so far outside the mainstream of American popular thought.  The reason is that they keep nominating their most liberal senator to run in the Presidential election. 

In 2004, The National Journal, a Washington magazine, named John Kerry the most liberal Senator.    The previous 4 years he was 16, 20, 11, and 9.  Even more shocking John Edwards was the 4th most liberal after being 31, 19, 35, and 31.  It is almost like the Democrats were trying to get more liberal in time for the election.  What they don’t reallize is that the Republicans then use their heavy liberalism against them.  Its like shooting fish in a barrel.

This time around the most liberal senator is…Barrack Obama.   That puts him ahead of Bernie Sanders, an actual socialist from Vermont.  Obama had never been ranked this high before, but with the election coming he evidently thought his best move was to cozy up to the left.    Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton also shot way up the chart when they announced their candidacies.  John McCain wasn’t present for enough votes to be included in the list.

Of course, it is possible that the rankings are a reflection of a media source trying to make the Democratic candidate look more liberal than he actually is in time for the election.  Then again who ever heard of right wing media bias?


Written by thatsrightnate

June 1, 2008 at 10:03 am

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  1. […] two.  I find myself disgusted by this latest affront to the American people.  You may know that Obama like Kerry before him is the most liberal US Senator. What you may not reallize is that Tim Kaine is the MOST LIBERAL GOVERNOR in the United […]

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