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Preserving Marriage

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With the looney left having threatened the very institution of marriage by allowing gays in California to marry, we finally have some men of decency stepping forward to say, “Not in my country.”  S.J. Res 43 is a joint resolution to propose a Constitutional amendment to  limit marriage to a relationship between one man and one woman and I say its about time.

Co-sponsors David Vitter and Larry Craig openned themselves up to personal criticism after revelations last year that Vitter was a client of the now deceased DC Madam and Craig was mistakenly arrested for lewd behavior in the Minneapolis airport.  Still, these men of concious and their 7 other co-sponsors know that when marriage is threatened they have a responsibility to take a stand regardless of how hypocritical it may appear.

We applaud Vitter, Craig, and the 7 other sponsors for seeing a threat to the American family and rising up to do something about it.  I urge all readers of my blog to write to their congressmen and let them know that you want them to join with Vitter and Craig to protect wholesome family values.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 2, 2008 at 8:10 am

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