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Always–John and Cindy McCain

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Sometimes I get tired of explaining the John McCain relationship to people.  There’s a very special playful banter that they share which is why she thinks it is endearing when John calls her a cunt or jokes about beating her.  Cindy is still very much in love with John.  She would never start sleeping with the neighbor across the street because he was working late to put bread on the table for her.  She would never cuse him of smothering her or of being unwilling to change or leaving her with the full responsibilty for their home and children.

Cindy was not John’s first love.  There was his first wife Carol and several extra-marital affairs in the 1970s.  Carol had had a car accident in 1969 that robbed her of much of her beauty.  She didn’t tell John about it because she believed he had enough to worry about as a POW at the time.  However, when John returned home there was no denying that the former model was now 4 inches shorter and considerably heavier.

John and Cindy began their relationship in 1979 and in April of 1980 he divorced Carol.  In May of 1980 the McCains tied the knot and John Cindy have been in love ever since.  They even helped take care of Carol by giving her a nice financial settlement to take care of all her future medical bills.

The McCain’s built their relationship on trust.  As newlyweds they loved to travel to Charles Keating’s opulent retreat at Cat Cay in the Bahamas.  However, it hasn’t all been smoothe sailing for the McCain’s.  They’ve stood with each other through Cindy’s addiction and threft of drugs from her own charity, or the investigation into both their roles in the Keating Five Scandal, or countless other hard times.

Through it all John and Cindy remain more committed to each other than they have ever been–for now and for always.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 13, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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  2. I have to say that I linked to your article because I thought it was satirically making fun of the McCains. I am not sure what your stance is, but this blog made me laugh (in an ironic sort of way) and I thank you for your humor. We have a similar sense of irony, which is why we refer to ourselves as “girls.” We are making fun of the way that society sometimes perceives women and feminism in general.

    I have seen the Obama ad you mentioned, and I have to say it doesn’t sway my mind in the least. Honestly, I don’t buy into campaign advertising attacks and I don’t buy into this one. I appreciate you reading our blog and complimenting us. It is nice to have readers from a different angle, keeps things interesting. I have to say, however, that we are excited about politics BECAUSE we think about the repercussions of our vote. We are two very intelligent “girls” and, in fact, we think about these repercussions very much, which is why we are both avid supporters of the Obama-Biden ticket. So thanks for your offer of help, but I think we have our own opinions covered.

    Thanks again for the comment. I enjoyed your post – don’t forget to vote!



    November 3, 2008 at 11:35 pm

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