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Raising Republican Spirit

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Despite, dreary poll numbers, the Republican members of the House of Representatives have found a way to raise morale.  They have taken to handing out spirit awards to each other for speaking on the floor of the house.

“It’s a spirit award,” said Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, a past recipient of caucus awards for his floor speeches.  Wilson says his speechifying has won him busts of Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt.

“I did get a plaque one time,” said the clearly excited Wilson.  The awards are given out at GOP award ceremonies.  Recently, Representative Kay Granger of Texas organized an award ceremony for those 8 Republican Representatives who were courageous enough to take the floor and speak about energy policy where the winners got a small oil can.

I love this idea and I am proud that it is my party that came up with this spirit raising idea.  Public speaking is terrifying and the number of issues that members of congress have to deal with is daunting.  It really isn’t surprising that many members are too timid or too uninformed to speak up.   This award program will help House Republicans overcome both problems.

We’ve got spirit.
Yes we do.
We’ve got spirit.
How about you?
We’ve got spirit.
You and me.
We’ve got spirit.

Written by thatsrightnate

July 27, 2008 at 12:03 pm

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