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GOP Gets Huge Boost Down Under

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If Obama won the European primary then McCain just won Australia!  Throughout this election voters have faced a choice between choosing an inexperienced and untested President in Barack Obama and a President who may be suffering from Alzheimers in John McCain.  As one of McCain’s biggest supporters I’ve constantly cringed as he’s mistaken Somalia for Sudan, Putin for a German, and Shiites for Sunnis.  However, some news from Australia may have just swung the momentum clearly over to McCain’s side.

According to a report in Lancet Neurology, an Australian pharmaceutical company called Prana Biotechnology has developed a drug called PBT2 appears to improve the cognitive functioning of patients like McCain in the early stages of Alzheimers.  While it won’t help long term sufferers, it seems to be ideal for somebody in McCain’s circumstance and could remove a lot of the doubts surriounding his leadership.

Patients in the trial took two rounds of exams to assess their cognitive abilities—one at the beginning of the treatment cycle and one after 12 weeks. The tests probed so-called executive function organizational abilities, planning and reasoning.  “Executive function” Is there anything better for the leader of the executive branch.

According to the report, “Patients who received 250 mg of PBT2 were able to come up with three more words on the category test then they did before their treatment. Participants who received placeboes, on the other hand, performed worse on average after the 12-week period was up than they did at the outset. The treated population also connected the trails between the circles nearly 50 seconds faster than they did before receiving PBT2. The untreated group also performed more poorly on this task at the end of the trial period.”

This is just the shot in the arm that McCain needed.  With the economy continuing to falter and his foreign policy devolving into a copy of Obama’s, McCain has a chance to focus on his experience without getting nailed for his alzheimers.  The key for Republicans is make sure we publicize this breakthrough as much as possible regardless of how we feel about socialized medicine or medication developed in a country with socialized medicine.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 31, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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