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White Male of Distinction #1 – Robert C. Baker

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Robert C. Baker 1921-2006

Robert C. Baker is a member of the Poultry Hall of Fame.  He is best known as the inventor of the Chickent Nugget.  McDonalds is often incorrectly credited with the invention of the nugget, but Baker actually first invented the nugget in the 1950s over 20 years before McDonalds Chicken McNugget.

His academic career brought him to Cornell University where he worked from 1957-1989.  He is credited with over 40 poultry, turkey, and cold cut innovations making him the Thomas Edison of poultry.  Besides the nugget he also invented turkey ham and turkey dogs.

Robert C. Baker is our white male of distinction for August 1st.   “Oh nugget man, oh nugget man heading on down to that old promised land.  Happy the meals have been since the day that the nugget man came our way,

[Editor’s Note: I first learned of the Edison of Poultry from the folk singing duo Paul and Storm. You can see their ballad to the Edison of Poultry Sciences at Youtube.]


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  1. You are kind of late with the postings today Nate. Too much Bud Light with Lime? Or, did you run out of white men to elegize?


    August 1, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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