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Making Over McCain

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I am sure not the type to be into fashion, but it seems to me that a fashion makeover is just what John McCain needs.  Everytime he’s out in public he has on a baseball cap.  I refer to this look as the George Burns.

Unfortunately, it just makes him look older.  This is even more ironic now that John McCain has aired a web video comparing Obama to God.  Now older folks do like to have their head covered and there is always a danger of things like skin cancer so what McCain needs is a more dynamic hat:

The Sinatra – Certain gives John a more stylish and classy look when properly tilted.  Gives him that sort of torch singer look.  The drawback is that like McCain, Sinatra was also known for his quick temper.

The Napoleon – If you want a hat that makes people take you seriously as Commander in Chief,  then The Napoleon is your answer.  Go ahead and invade Iran if you want, but don’t attack Russian in the middle of winter.  As a bonus, you can use that catchy Abba song Waterloo as your campaign song.

McCain of Arabia –
This headgear will give you instant credibility in discussing the Middle East and the Middle East peace process.  The problem is we all saw what the rumors of being Muslim did to Obama, does McCain want to be brought into that discussion himself?

Viking McCain –
I think this one is the winner.  It shows a command of military strategy and a tenacity.  It also shows a survivor instincts.  With Minnesota a swing state, the value of this hat in the Twin Cities cannot be dismissed


Written by thatsrightnate

August 1, 2008 at 6:38 pm

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