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White Male of Distinction #2 – Al Primo

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Al Primo 1938 -

Al Primo 1938 -

Have you ever watched your local news and right before they gave you the weather, the news anchor gives the weatherman a fake angry look and says, “That forecast better be better this week Jerry”.  Sure the weatherman has nothing to do with the actual rain outside, but that doesn’t stop the witty banter between anchors from being hysterical.

If you enjoy the jocularity of your local news broadcast as much as I do, then the person you have to thank is Al Primo.  In 1965, at Philadelphia’s KYW-TV, it was news producer Al Primo who first brought us the Eye Witness News or “Happy Talk Format”.  He later refined this staple of local broadcasting at WABC in New York.

Al Primo’s genius didn’t just extend to joking and good natured humor among news staffs, but it was Primo who used the musical sequence from the tar scene in Cool Hand Luke as the musical theme for WABC’s Eyewitness News ushering in a new era in television new themes.  Al Primo remains a legend in the field of local television news for his profound influence.  For his accomplishments, Al Primo is our White Male of Distinction for August 2nd.


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August 1, 2008 at 7:01 pm

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