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McCain Calls for Surge to Solve Immigration Crisis

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The Bush administration has done an admirable job of slowing down the flood of illegal immigration into this country over the past year or so.  Knowing that illegals frequently come here looking for jobs in such fields as construction and food processing the government has agressively tried to slow down the construction industry and raise the price of food in an attempt to lower the demand for immigrant labor.  Knowing the foreign workers send money home to Mexico, the Bush administration has worked behind the scenes to lower the value of our currency making it impractical for immigrants to send money home.

McCain has a different policy.  McCain has recently become really impressed with the surge in Iraq and has called recently for surges to help with crime, education, and energy.  Now, he takes it one step further with a surge to battle immigration.  The plan is simple enough.  If we can keep a close tab on the number of illegal aliens crossing the border we can send an equal or greater number back across the border in the other direction.

Say that 1,000 immigrants cross the border from Mexico heading North into the United States.  Normally, this is 1,000 more people in this country.  McCain’s plan would send 1,000 other people heading South across the border which would give us a net gain of zero immigrants.  By “surging” emigrants across the border we will keep a balanced population.

According to McCain, ”Our surge has succeeded in Iraq militarily. Now we need an immigration surge to immigrants at home or replace them with new people.  It is precisely the success of the surge in Iraq that shows us the way to succeed in fighting illegal immigration.”  McCain has also promised to continue George Bush’s policy of removing extra jobs from the economy as a way to avoid tempting new immigrants.


Written by thatsrightnate

August 7, 2008 at 7:05 pm

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