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White Male of Distinction #7: Jacko

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Mark Jacko Jackson 1959-

Mark "Jacko" Jackson 1959-

Wow! Has it been a week already?  I close for the week with one of the greatest players in Australian Rules Football history, a singer, and an Energizer Spokesperson who etertained America in the late 80s with his famous catch phrase, “Oi!”

Mark “Jacko” Jackson was born August 30, 1959.  He first came to prominence in 1979 as a tough forward for South Fremantle in the West Australia Football League.  He moved to the VFL in 1981 and enjoyed a fruitful career before retiring from Geelong in 1986.   He was an entertaining player, but his colorful antics wore out in many VFL cities.

After his playing career,   he launched a singing career and his song “I’m an Individual” hit number 1 in Australia.  He also came to prominence in the United States as spokesperson for Energizer throughout the late 1980s.  In 1988, Jacko played the role of Jetto in Sam Jones’ shortlived series “The Highwayman.”  For his amazing versatility Jacko has been named a White Male of Distinction


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August 7, 2008 at 7:34 pm

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