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Why I Like Sarah

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As many of you know, I believe the printed word is a dead medium.  I am totally and completely against seeing tax dollars spent on books.   Sarah has her own bone to pick with libraries.  Before Sarah Palin ran for mayor of the tiny little Alaskan town, the elections were kind of what you’d expect on Northern Exposure.   Candidates would run and argue about things like stop signs and the mundane business of running a small town with a balanced budget.

Sarah Palin was always a much bigger thinker.  She came in with a strong conservative evangelical campaign and swept out the old guards (Sound familiar).  The first things she did were to fire the police chief who supported her opponent and to try and get a large number of books banned from the Wasallia library.  When the librarian refused, Palin tried to get her removed.  I love that Palin was willing to take on the book reading elite though banning a few books seems like trying to plug an enormous dyke with your finger.

Palin then tookon her biggest challenge, a $15,000,000 sports complex for all her fellow hockey moms.  People tried to stop her simply because the city didn’t own the property where she was building the complex, but she perservered and it should be out of litigation any day now.  She used George Bush’s proven formula of refunding surplus to the citizens and borrowing money to fund city improvements.

Today, Wasallia has almost doubled in size and while its balanced budget is now a $22,000,000 debt there are 4,000 more people to pay it off.  That’s only like $5,500 per new person.  Now the city has had to raise taxes to try and pay for the expenses of the large sports complex, the litigation from the developer who didn’t want the sports complex built on his property, the roads that were built on borrowed money, but the good news is a lot of the budget shortfall has been made up by gutting the town’s library budget.

Sarah is just the type of maverick we need in Washington.  She can do for us what she did for Wasillia.  Librarians be warned, Sarah is coming for you.


Written by thatsrightnate

September 7, 2008 at 10:05 am

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  1. I’ve been travelling round america for many months and have spent lots of time in libraries all over… from alaska to west virginia, from new hampshire to utah.

    I have to say it’s sickening how over-resourced they are. free internet, books for anyone to just walk in and read if they want to, not to mention pamphlets written by the devil himself for services such as “family planning”.

    the doors are even open to the homeless! it’s like nobody is excluded in there. thank you sarah palin, an attack on the country’s libraries is long overdue.

    beccy joe

    September 7, 2008 at 11:51 pm

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