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McCain Declares Economy Strong

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I love to see a leadership with a positive attitude and John McCain is bullish on the future.  Today in Orlando John McCain made it very clear that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”  Sure, we’ve got major financial institutions collapsing and Americans lost $500,000,000,000 today alone in the stock market.  However, you can’t help but feel that with McCain in the White House prosperity is right around the corner.

McCain is ably advised by a cadre of the brightest economic minds the Republican party has to offer.  Yesterday, one of his advisers Donald Luskin had a great op-ed piece in the Washington Post where he slices and dices Obama’s crackpot idea that the economy isn’t as strong as it ever was.  He shows that the US economy grew by 3.3 percent this quarter which is right on the mark (Way to go guys!)

McCain’s chief economic adviser is Phil Gramm who was one of the leading architects of the deregulation effort in the banking industry.  As a Texas senator, Gramm helped write the law that relaxed the nation’s banking rules.Then, after leaving the Senate, Gramm became an executive and lobbyist for the Swiss banking giant UBS — at a time when banks were fighting to loosen rules against predatory lending.  If anybody has the knowledge to fix things in banking its Phil Gramm.

McCain himself is no economic slouch. The man has 9 homes and a private jet himself. You don’t make that kind of jack without having some kind economic knowledge. When he was first elected Senator he was instrumental in helping Charles Keating and Lincoln Savings and Loans with troublesome regulation.

Sure McCain may say he’s no expert on economics, but that’s just McCain being McCain. McCain is bullish on America and we know bull when we see it. Come November we’ll be singing “Happy Days are Here Again.”


Written by thatsrightnate

September 15, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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