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Live Blog of Presidential Debate #1

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Its one half-hour before the McCain-Obama debate and I’m down 2 litters of Mountain Dew and 3 doughnuts already.  I wanted to get the tags up and a picture posted so the I can just keep hitting save when I find something worth blogging.  This is an experiment so please comment if you’re reading this so I’ll know if its worth doing for future debates.  You know it occurs to me that it wasn’t too long ago some other people were asking John McCain questions–those people were the Vietcong.

8:01 – Jim Lehrer is speaking now.  This is going to be good.  Nin minute segments.  I should score this like a boxing match.

8:02 – Obama tried talking to McCain.  He was having none of it.  How fitting Obama came in from the left and McCain from the right.

8:05 – Oversight seems to be Obama’s answer to everything.  I like McCain’s deregulation plan.

8:06 – Who cares about the middle class Barack?  What about the rest of us?

8:08 – Obama won’t commit to his opinion on the plan just because he hasn’t seen it.  I bet McCain won’t be such a chicken.  Ha!  I knew it.

8:10 – Wow!  I think McCain is blaming Ike for the crisis.

8:12 – The candidates are having a hard time with this format.  They don’t like talking to each other and would rather talk to the monitor.

8:14 – McCain’s belief in the goodness of America trumps Obama’s so called policies.

8:15 – DNA of bears in Montana?  You might as well just study crabs mating or seal DNA in Alaska or something.

8:17 – $18,000,000 in earmarks!!!  Sheesh!  What a waste.  We could finance almost 2% of the Wall Street bailouts this year with that money.

8:20 – McCain doesn’t need a flag pin.  He wears it on his heart.

8:21 – McCain offers $5,000 for healthcare?  How could one person possibly spend that much? Its worthy paying payroll taxes on your employer funded health insurance.

8:24 – China has a space walk.  They’re only 40 years behind us.  Let’s see how fast they get to casette tapes.

8:29 – I love how the Democrats always nominate the candidate with the most liberal candidate.  It is such an amazing coincidence.

8:33 – Yes!! McCain finally is onboard with taking care of our veterans!!

8:34 – Shouldn’t we be encouraging countries like Iraq to build nuclear reactors so that they cut the world demand for oil?

8:36 – I would like the decision of what to be done with my $5,000 in medical spending to be made by myself, my doctor, and my HMO.

8:38 – Obama just said orgy.  Why wasn’t this beeped out by the censors?

8:38 – McCain wasn’t voted Ms. Congeniality?  Was Sarah Palin?

8:39 – Dammit I had a bet McCain would say POW before surge.

8:40 – Like John McCain, I’m glad that we managed to free Iraq from Iranian influence.

8:41 – Question for Obama, “Afghanistan?  Are we still fighting that old thing?”

8:44 – Obama says “not my committee.”  McCain can run this thing without a congress.  He’ll pass the legislation himself if he has to.

8:45 – The difference between a tactic, a strategy, and a strategery

8:49 – Why are Obama and the Iraqis so determined to get American troops out of Iraq?

8:49 – The other difference between Petraeus and Bin Laden–The Pakistanis aren’t defending Petraeus.

8:52 – As McCain points out, one of the trademarks of US foreign policy has been a hands off approach to the middle east.

8:53 – “Pakistan – The Country McCain Doesn’t Want to Go to War With”

8:55 – We don’t need more troops in Afghanistan.  What we need is 6 younger versions of John McCain armed with 6 pistols and 6 bowie knives.

8:58 – McCain just slammed Reagan.  He’s not making me want to support him this way.

9:00 – McCain and Obama are sporting some bling.

9:02 – McCain is a sucker for travel.  I remember this from the early 80s when he discovered that was the best way to get to the bottom of the savings and loan scandal was travelling to the Bahamas to meet with Charles Keating.

9:04 – If we form a League of Democracies, I get the feeling that Canada will be the League’s Aquaman.  I mean talking to fish just isn’t that impressive when you have Superman and Green Lantern.

9:05 – Nice! McCain got the Iran training thing right without Lieberman!!  That’s huge!

9:06 – Why is it always the Republican Guard?  What about the Democrat Guard?

9:06 – What Obama fails to reallize when discussing Iran and Iraq is that there is a thin line between love and hate.

9:08 – Raul Castro is kind of the Curly Joe of Dictators.

9:09 – Boy did the right nail Reagan for meeting with the Russians.

9:12 – Stand up to Spain McCain!

9:13 – The average South Korean is 3 inches taller than the average North Korean?  No wonder they don’t play exhibition basketball games.  I bet the North Koreans would be good jockeys though.

9:16 – Wow! McCain got angry

9:19 –  Yep, McCain loves to travel!

9:21 – Maybe Georgia shouldn’t have tried to settle their conflicts with Russia by using their military.  We did warn them.

9:25 – That makes sense.  If offshore drilling is a bridge, I can see why you’d put Sarah Palin in charge of your energy policy.

9:25 – Obama doesn’t object to nuclear waste?  McCain is killing him in this debate.

9:26 – Like Charlie Black, one of McCain’s advisers said, if there is another 9/11 attack you know it would help McCain.

9:29 – CNN’s graphics are confusing too me.  Think think that the audience is very supportive of terrorists getting nuclear weapons.

9:31 – McCain poses an interesting question.  Would Iran allow al-qaeda to build a base in Iraq if we left?

9:34 – Oh geez, its getting late. I think McCain is falling asleep.  Let’s call it for tonight.  The poor guy is 73.  Could we have the next one a little earlier?

9:35 – It is hard to hear McCain over his tie.

9:36 – This is a major upset!  He barely got POW in.  It was a full 57 minutes after surge.

Conclusion–It was closer than I thought especially when McCain started dozing off, but I have to give it to McCain solidly.  He was brilliant and Obama faltered all over the place.  I think this debate will win the Presidency for McCain.


Written by thatsrightnate

September 26, 2008 at 6:33 pm

4 Responses

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  1. good luck to you! i’ll be reading this!


    September 26, 2008 at 6:47 pm

  2. Hey Nate, What’s the difference between a tactic and a strategy?


    September 26, 2008 at 7:47 pm

  3. I don’t know, but I’ll look into it and get back to you.


    September 26, 2008 at 8:00 pm

  4. I’m geting really bad reception. On my tv, McCain just called Obama stubborn. Wonder how they got those two mixed up.


    September 26, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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