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Is McCain Poised for Illinois Upset?

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Ed and Larry engage in a fierce game of checkers

Wow!  I spent today with Larry, Paul, Ed and the good folks at McCain Headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Hometown.  You have to love that name.  The community is in the Southwest suburbs and about a half hour from downtown Chicago.  There was a definite excitement in the air with the election coming tomorrow.  And the 3 volunteers were a well oiled machine.  I really would not be surprised to see a McCain upset tomorrow.

“We get them to come in for the pickles,” said Ed pointing to the enormous plastic jar holding 2 dozen large dill pickles, “that’s when we ask them if they know about Obama’s middle name.  If they’re still willing to vote for a guy named Hussein we’ll start talking to them about coal.  Usually you can get them to take a yard sign.  Larry is really good at speaking to them as a working man.”

Larry Spychalski is in his late 40s, but the tattoos on his arm on the fishing cap on his head show he’s a hard worker.  Larry has been a television repairman, a short order cook, and a rough carpenter during his working life.  “You know,” he tells me, “those polls don’t mean a lot.  A lot of our supporters are a little…well a little loopy.  They won’t answer the phone because that’s how the government can implant the nanites into your ear canal to track you.  Phone polls are always going to show less voters.”

“Yeah”, said Paul, “A lot of McCain’s supporters just can’t get to the phone in time.  You’ve got to give them a couple of extra rings.  They never do that when they call.  You get to the phone and you’re like hello, hello, but they’ve already hung up.”  Paul is a former teacher and driver’s ed instructor who loves to go door to door for McCain.

“Vote for McCain not for Hussein,” chimes in Ed, “Hussein, Hussein, Hussein”.  Ed is so vocal in his support for McCain that the others have to calm him down sometimes.  “Have you seen that Sarah Palin?” says Ed, “She’s like a young Betty Grable.”

“We’re going to win this tomorrow.  I don’t know anybody who is voting for Obama,” said Larry, “I’ve even been into some of the colored areas and nobody will say they’re voting for him.  Everybody I talked to is either undecided or definitely McCain.”

“McCain, not Hussein,” chimes in Ed.

With Larry, Ed, and Paul on the job I feel a lot more confident.  They may well be right about McCain supporters either being too paranoid to answer the phone or too immobile to get to the phone on time.  If this is the case, there may well be a surprise tomorrow.


Written by thatsrightnate

November 3, 2008 at 9:41 pm

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  1. [psst, nate, http 500 server error on “great news for dems” comment subm’n.]


    November 4, 2008 at 7:30 am

  2. Ah Gina that I had the talent to fix these things. Its the default. I assume the server will get running again soon. Gina I emailed you on the address listed on your WordPress profile. Feel free to email me at


    November 4, 2008 at 7:49 am

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