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Medved Makes History Worth Studying

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Anybody who regularly reads this blog knows that I do not read.  I do not support tax money being used on an outdated medium like books and I believe Gutenberg was one of the great villains of the past millennium.  However, every now and then a book comes along that I think is whether of a review.  Sometimes, an author will demonstrate such wisdom and understanding on a particular subject that one doesn’t even have to read it to give it a stellar review.

Such a book is Michael Medved’s “The 10 Big Lies About America”.   I admit that at first I thought a book composed entirely of telling 10 lies about American seemed like a rather short read.  I also thought that telling your audience right off the bat that you’re lying sort of defeats the purpose.  Lies should be subtle and believable like much of Bush administration.    Upon further review however, these lies of Medved’s aren’t so much fibs as an attempt to piece together a heroic national narrative and that’s something every American should be able to get behind.

Take the genocide of the Native Americans frequently blamed on Europeans by liberals.  Medved makes the case that it was actually blacks who whiped out the Indians.   Medved says, “In fact, intermarriage (including frequent intermarriage with African-Americans, slaves and free) and assimilation caused more Indian “losses” than all occasional massacres by governmental and irregular forces — incidents invariably condemned by federal authorities, never sponsored by them.”  I already feel better about my country knowing that it was the black population and not whites who were responsible for Indians disappearing from this land.

Now, America has some awfully unforgivable sins in her past like slavery.  America was build on the backs of slaves–right? WRONG!!  Medved states, The claim that our forefathers built America “on the backs of slaves” rests on the idiotic idea that involuntary servitude proved vastly more productive than free labor. In fact, the states dominated by the slave economy counted as the poorest, least developed in the union.”  We couldn’t have built this country on the blacks of slave labor because slaves were lazy.  In fact, they brought down the standard of living of the white people who owned them.

Medved is brilliant in the way he avoids letting facts get in the way of telling the story of this great land we live in.  Other historians allow themselves to get tripped up by facts, but not Medved who deftly jumps from blaming FDR for the Great Depression to confronting the secular militants who have been trying to change our country for the past 8 years.  Though Medved may be telling 10 big lies about America, they’re lies I want to believe and that to me is the essence of good writing.  Medved’s book should be on any Conservative’s Christmas list.


Written by thatsrightnate

November 28, 2008 at 2:24 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Can I get the book off Amazon? I have a few relatives who might want to read it.


    December 1, 2008 at 8:08 pm

  2. Yes, it has 3 and a half stars from the Amazon readers and it has been so successful that they’ve been able to drop the price $10 in the last 2 weeks.


    December 1, 2008 at 8:28 pm

  3. […] a comment » Michael Medved is a favorite author of mine.   I first wrote about him a little over a year ago when his book  The 10 Big Lies About America came out.   As the title implies, in that book […]

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