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The Natie for Journalism

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When it comes to journalistic excellence, no award captures what blogging is all about as much as this one does.  This is the most prestigious Natie and it is only awarded to those articles that have lived up to the ideals set forth in Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh radio show as well as many of the columns of Robert Novack.  The winner of this prize can look among his peers and reallize that he has accomplished something that most of them could only dream of.  The field was very strong for this innaugural award.  I won’t minimize it by mentioning that each of these stories is great in its own way.   I will merely point out that the winner is the greatest post of all.

1.  How Obama and McCain Will Affect the Middle Class
2.  Obama’s Connection to the Weather Underground
3. Now Obama Has His Own Flag — I Bet the Colors Run
4.  Media Threatens Palin’s First Amendment Rights
5.  Is Obama’s Birth Certificate a Forgery
6.  Disguising the Constitution to Save It

It is interesting that in this award Obama articles dominate the way that McCain articles dominated last night’s award.  The winner is Now Obama Has His Own Flag — I Bet the Colors Run.  It is rather ironic that the winning article would be one that I later had to apologize for when it turned out that the Obama flag was really the Ohio flag and the Clinton flag was really the Colorado flag and the South Carolina flag wasn’t an Islamist conspiracy.  However, I think the flag article spurred something of a national discussion and that was very useful for the country at that time.  For example, many people like myself had no idea that each state had its own flag.


Written by thatsrightnate

December 30, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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