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Blogroll Amnesty Day – February 3rd

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The Blog Roll Amnesty Day Video:

I hate the word amnesty.  To me it brings up images of illegal aliens being coddled and of amnesty international whining about water boarding.  However,  this February 3rd marks the third annual Blogroll Amnesty Day and I believe it is a day whose time has come.  The original day was started by the liberal blogger Atrios who used it as an excuse to remove smaller blogs from his blogroll.  Isn’t that just like a liberal to crush the small blogger’s dream? Some bloggers chose to use this day to celebrate small blogs and to use it to recognize blogs smaller than their own. You can read more about the holiday here.

This idea of celebrating Blogroll  Amnesty Day has a lot of appeal to me as a supply sider.  I like the idea of celebrating blogs smaller than mine and frankly there are very few blogs larger than mine.  I have over 150,000 visitors in less than a year online and I expect that’s probably fairly close to people like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.   I decided that I will use February 3rd to update my blogroll and include tsome new blogs that I think are worth a look.  The first two are easy:

Our Love is Amazing – Frequent Thatsrightnate contributor Beccy Joe travels the highways and biways of  North America with her husband (I hope its her husband and they aren’t living in sin) BJ and their van John Henry.  It kind of reminds me of the old 1970s Saturday morning Shazam show except with lots of snow.  Actually, they don’t travel that much, but they do have the van.

Mysister is a Space Cadet – Another frequent poster on this blog, Fraser posts about her daily life and ponders things like science fiction and her cat.  It hasn’t been updated since the new year, but I hope this is a temporary glitch.

Now lest I be accused of nepotism, I need to find some fun smaller blogs that are no relation to the Thatsrightnate family.  I have a few in mind, but frankly most of the blogs that I follow are already on my blogroll.  So help me out here.  Before February 3rd let me know what blogs you follow.    Then come back here February 3rd for the grand unveiling.  Oh yeah, the video comes from Bluegal who is a liberal, but some readers of this blog might enjoy visiting her site.

The old Saturday morning Shazam show:

I think it’d be a lot tougher today to take a teen boy and be his mentor as you travel the country in your Winnebago together.


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January 31, 2009 at 9:28 pm

We Have a Black Guy Too!!

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I was overwhelmed to see at least a half-dozen black or brown faces at the Republican Convention this year

Today, the Republican National Committee has named former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as its head.  I know what you’re thinking and I am proud to announce that after several google searches I can confirm that Mister Steele is indeed African-American.   I expect that he may have been the African-American that I thought I saw several times at the Republican Convention last November.

Republicans like myself who were disheartened when Alan Keyes left the party last year, can take pride in knowing that we now have a black man in charge of our party.   What should truly be a source of pride for all Republicans is that 40% of all black RNC members ran for President of the organization.  With Steele at the helm, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a black Republican Senator or Governor by 2014 or 2016.

Of course, the greatest thing about the election of Steele was that his selection was a way to say to the rest of the world, “Hey, we’ve got a black guy too!”   Several other lower RNC positions were also filled tonight, but things had to be streamlined so that that Republicans could get out of the hall before a scheduled wedding.

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January 30, 2009 at 10:12 pm

Quinn Named Illinois Governor–Impeachment Hearings Set for Next Year

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Pat Quinn is now free to begin work on his own scandals.

Pat Quinn is now free to begin work on his own scandals.

Today, in a unanimous vote along party lines, Illinois’ Senate voted to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich and wasted no time swearing in Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn to start his own scandal plagued tenure as the state’s governor.  While no date has been scheduled for Quinn’s own impeachment hearings, the odds of an Illinois Governor enjoying a quiet retirement are basically the same as those of a Philadelphia crime boss.  Blagojevich still has a lengthy legal process to look forward to followed by possible prison time trying to avoid getting shivved by former Illinois Governor George Ryan who looked poised for a Bush pardon before Blagojevich brought the governorship back into the news.

The real tragedy is the end of Blagojevich’s once promising political career.  Like South Africa’s Nelson Mandella and India’s Mo Ghandi, Blago was a man of vision.  Blagojevich made an impassioned plea to the senate to ” “Think about the dangerous precedent of removing me without any proof of wrongdoing,” but the senators appeared to have their minds made up possibly by all the recordings of him Blagojevich demanding bribes from children’s hospitals and the like.

Blagojevich was also singled out for some odd statement he made such as naming Oprah Winfrey to fill Obama’s senate seat, a seat that she would be as qualified for as a bus driver would be to run a school system.  Chicago’s own Mayor Daley called Blagojevich crazy for that one.

“The ordeal is over,” Quinn said. “The citizens of Illinois can be extremely proud of our elected representatives … who carried out their responsibility with serious purpose.  I have not engaged in any illegal activity and I welcome any investigation of corruption during my time as governor.  I am looking forward to the facts finally coming out.”

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January 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

150,000 Hits! We’re Doing it Dutch!!

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150kWow!  I can scarcely contain myself.  Even though we took home over 2 dozen Natie Awards for blogging excellence this year, this is my proudest day since the dark days of early November.  Long time readers will recall that on election night this past year I suffered a very frightening panic attack.   The next day I was visited by the ghost of Ronald Reagan and I swore to him that I would help rebuild the Republican party by holding the Democrats’ feet to the fire.  Now that I have reached 150,000 visitors I really feel like we have started to do just that.

Your support and admiration over the past 3 dark months have helped boost my spirit in the same way I have boosted the spirti of the 150,000 patriots who have visited this blog.   I promise to you today that we will rebuild this party into the kind of party Ronald Reagan could be proud of . Furthermore, because so many of my readers are international, I will continue to extend the hand of brotherhood and to treat you like any other American.  I saw on google that my readers were mostly women and I can promise you all that I will continue to be chick friendly.  Also, to the lovely ladies who post here if you know any attractive conservative evangelicals who are financially secure, between the ages of 21-28 and willing to relocate to Chicago how about hooking me up?

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January 28, 2009 at 7:25 pm

Chicago Tabs Transporation Chief to Run Schools

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Wow! Two stories in two days about public transportation must be some sort of record. Chicago continues to break the mold when it comes to education reform under the expert tutelage of Mayor Daley. Arne Duncan became the head of the Chicago Public Schools 8 years ago with a resume that most featured playing professional basketball in Australia. Now our mayor has outdone himself by replacing the basketball playing Duncan with CTA chief Ron Huberman.

What makes Huberman such an exceptional pick is that while he has been in charge of the buses that take many students to school as head of Chicago’s buses and elevated trains, Huberman has absolutely no experience with education. The Mayor then chose a former school principal to replace Huberman as head of the CTA. I love this out of the box type thinking and I hope that the Mayor will apply it to the Police and Fire Departments as well. Too often education has been left to educators in the past. That is no way to reform anything. Educators are poisoned by their experience in the classroom which makes them incapable of pushing through the kind of reform our students need to learn. On the other hand, this experience would in now way hinder their ability to drive a bus or run a public transportation authority. There is very little in my mind about education that can’t be learned by a viewing of To Sir With Love followed by Mr. Holland’s Opus.

Huberman immediately began rolling up his shirt sleeves by announcing his first two priorities were to make basketball games safer and to close over 20 schools. This is the kind of progress I believe we can all get behind for our children and their future. Who knows, in 5 or 6 years when you step on a bus in Chicago you just might see them.

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January 27, 2009 at 7:08 pm

Republicans Push Back on Mass Transit Socialism

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By all definitions one of the oldest and the most pervasive forms of socialism in the United States is so called public transportation.  Our taxes fund it and it allows people to ride downtown in style on the government dime instead of buying a car like a patriotic American.  The auto industry sure wouldn’t need government help if every person you saw on a bus or subway was buying their own car.  Think about it.  We’re paying for public transportation and then we’re paying to save the auto industry from people not buying cars.  We’re getting it on both ends.

The Republicans get it.  Refusing to be pressured or bullied by the all-powerful bus driver union, Republican Senators have managed to drastically cut the amount of the stimulus to $10,000,000 and the House intends to go even lower.  Meanwhile, we’re spending over three times that much on good old American roads.  Instead of using our hard earned tax dollars to pay for freeloaders to ride the bus.  The Democrats say we have to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but have you seen how cheap gas is now?    I can’t see it going back up anytime soon.

This is a moment for Republicans to pat themselves on the back.  Jim Oberstar (D-MN), chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee was in awe, “The reason for the reduction in overall funding — we took money out of Amtrak and out of aviation; we took money out of the Corps of Engineers, reduced the water infrastructure program, the drinking water and the wastewater treatment facilities and sewer lines, reduced that from $14 billion to roughly $9 billion — was the tax cut initiative that had to be paid for in some way by keeping the entire package in the range of $850 billion.”

Public transportation belongs to an older era.  It is a lot like those statues of Stalin they used to have in the Soviet Union, but thankfully its time has passed.  Transportation is far too important to be left to socialism.

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January 26, 2009 at 7:35 pm

Obama’s Acting Like He’s a Dictator

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I am livid am I’m not alone.  Since the Presidential Election, Barrack Obama has arrogantly been acting like he has a mandate to change our entire system of economics from the one that has served us so well for the past 8 years.   He honestly believes that he has the right to give away a trillion dollars and  call it stimulus without listening to where the Republicans want the money spent.

On January 22 and January 23, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity joined with me in decrying Obama adviser Robert Reich for saying that he didn’t want the economic stimulus to only go to white construction workers, but “includ[es] women and minorities, and the long-term unemployed”.   Excuse me, but white construction workers built this country.  There is absolutely no reason that the bailout shouldn’t be limited only to white construction workers–they work very hard in all kinds of weather.   If Obama really wants to stimulate the economy he will cut my taxes.   When I have extra money I’m a very big tipper and my tips will trickle down to our service economy.

Last Friday, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) told the president that the Democratic plan to give a tax credit to those who don’t pay income taxes isn’t a tax cut, but rather, a check. Obama responded that this was a common point of debate during the presidential campaign — McCain/Palin called Obama’s plan “welfare” — and voters were not swayed by Republican arguments. “I won,” Obama told lawmakers.  Excuse me?  Obama acts as if by winning the election has won some kind of political capital that he can use to do whatever he wants regardless of what the Republicans dictate.   This is policy.  We weren’t running on policy.   We were running on Joe the Plumber, Pitbulls, Hockey Moms, and Mavericks.  If we had known he was going to try this stunt, don’t you think we would have ran on something more substantial?

We need to act now.  Call your congressman and if he’s a Democrat tell him that you want him to listen to the Republicans and that you will not vote for a Democrat until they start following Republican principles.  If he’s a Republican tell him to get in there and fight.  If we don’t stop this now, over the next 4 years Obama will be making decisions that will affect all of us.