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Terry Schiavo Case

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Piranha Perrelli leaves all our cyborg futures in doubt

Piranha Perrelli leaves all our cyborg futures in doubt

Back in 2005, a battle raged in the Senate of this country over the life of one woman.  Terry Schiavo was a courageous woman whose husband sought to kill her by removing her feeding tube simply because  she had been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years and some doctors who examined her said damage to her cerebral cortex has made her incapable of emotion, memory or thought.

This wouldn’t even have been an issue except her husband Michael wanted to take the easy way out.  I’m sorry, but wedding vows say “til death do us part” not “til persistent vegetative state and the inability to think, feel, or remember do us part.”  Seeing Michael Schiavo’s actions for the national crisis they were, Republicans in the  Senate got involved and demanded that Terry Schiavo be kept alive.  Senator Bill Frist who was a Doctor was even able to diagnose Mrs. Schiavo over the television and see all sorts of brain activity disproving the claims of doctors who had observed her in person.

The Constitution guarantees non-aliens the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Who is Michael Schiavo to deny his wife the right to life.  In the event that I am in a persistent vegetative state like Terry Schiavo, I wish to be kept alive by whatever machines are necessary until such a time that I can have my consciousness transferred to a cyborg body.  I would make an awesome cyborg and I have no doubt that such technology will be here soon.

Getting back to Obama, he has nominated Thomas Perrelli for the number 3 spot in the Justice Department.  Mr. Perrelli is one of the lawyers who represented Michael Schiavo in his 7 year effort to get Terry Schiavo’s tube removed.  Can’t you imagine what will happen if he gets the job?  Life and death decisions will be made be the spouses of patients instead of the politicians who were elected to make such decisions.  Fortunately, conservative groups have  stepped forward to lead the charge against Perrelli.  According to the Washington Times:

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, derided Mr. Perrelli’s selection as “just another death-peddler Obama has added to his list of nominees.” She said he’s earned the nickname among pro-lifers of “Piranha Perrelli” for his work on the case.

Tom McClusky, vice president for government affairs at the Family Research Council, said several end-of-life issues could make their way to the federal level in the next four years and having Mr. Perrelli at the department means pro-life causes would have a tougher time winning those debates.

“If the Justice Department isn’t going to do anything about it, the states, what’s to stop them from cases like Schiavo and even worse cases,” Mr. McClusky said.

As a sucker for traditional family values, I applaud these groups and shudder to think of what could happen if “Piranha Perrelli” is confirmed.  Will any of have a chance if our families can go around pulling our feeding and life support tubes willy nilly?  Will their be any kind of future for any of us?


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  1. You know what my problem is with the right to lifers? How can you claim to believe in the sanctity of all life and then support the death penalty, or hunting, or war! (For God’s sake!) Sounds like right to life if it’s convenient maybe – or right to life if they agree with me and don’t piss me off too bad, or right to life if they’re cute – except for poor Bambi, that is. We’ll just blow Bambi’s f-ing head off – and call it sport! Doesn’t sound too sporting to me – or too Godly either. And it sure doesn’t sound like anything Jesus said (or did, for that matter). Did I just go off on a rant? Sorry. Bleah.


    January 9, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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