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Grim Job News Offers Hope

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Diligent workers like these are the future of the American economy.

There was an excellent story in the Wall Street Journal today pointing out the good news of the current economic turmoil “There may have been a silver lining for the economy in the horrific December job losses reported Friday by the Labor Department. Companies are cutting back so aggressively that they actually might be increasing their productivity even in the face of a wrenching economic shock.”

Let’s face it as companies have been forced to cut out frivolities like expense account lunches and executive washrooms, the result is a meaner leaner work force ready to take on the business world of tomorrow.  You won’t see these employees gossiping around the water cooler when their company had to return the water cooler to Ice Mountain.  With the current housing crisis a cot is all it takes to reverse telecommute and live out of your office.  As workers saw many of their colleagues fired and laid off, they realized that they could take on the responsibilities of their departed coworkers with just a little better time management and eliminating lunch and bathroom breaks.

It may be time for us to reconsider whether a recession is a bad thing.  And who is responsible for this economic miracle.  I believe the Journal itself put it best, “A rise in productivity would be a potentially positive mark on the economic record of President George W. Bush, who has presided over two recessions, a dismal stock market and a housing bust. In the 30 full quarters that Bush has been president, through the third quarter of last year, nonfarm business productivity grew on average 2.6% at an annual rate. That is compared with 2% for Bill Clinton and 1.6% for Ronald Reagan.”


Written by thatsrightnate

January 13, 2009 at 9:37 pm

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