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Live Blogging of Obama Press Conference

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Once again, I am live blogging an Obama Press Conference. I know that I can’t count on the mainstream media to ask the tough questions so it looks like it is up to me to hold his feet to the fire.

7:02 – The first thing Obama does is to deny his responsibility for HIS economic crisis.  How surprising.

7:06 – The Road is Long….He’s Not Heavy, He’s Obama – I need to record this.

7:08 – Excellent first question.  If the banks won’t tell us how they’re spending their money and not spending it the way we want, should we really try to regulate them?   Awesome question for a chick.

7:10 – Chuck Todd has an excellent point.  All Obama wants to do is raise our taxes and then not ask for any sacrifices from us.   Maybe we could all cut our standard of living or something.

7:14 – So we’re just supposed to take Obama’s word that Americans are making sacrifices?  None of the network news anchors are seeing any sacrifices and neither am I.  Don’t just ask the poor folk.  Reach out to the upper class.

7:15 – Who is Jake Tapper?  I think I had a fake ID that said Jake Tapper when I was in college.  Jake…Jake Tapper by day he’s a private eye, by night he’s a lady’s man.

7:19 – Chip Reid – do you have to have a cool name to be a reporter?

7:19 – Jim Cramer can probably tell you what the economy will be like 10 years from now.  The man is a genius.

7:24 – I find it very hard to believe that the budget deficit is the result of health care and not AIG bonuses and pork projects to study volcanoes.

7:26 – We need to keep Mexico’s problems in Mexico.  Those gangs there are horrible and they ship their drugs to this country.  Not only that, they buy guns at gun shows in this country to wage their wars depriving American gun collectors, the chance to buy those firearms.

7:29 – The Stars and Stripes reporter is a mumbler in an out of date suit, I bet Chip and Jake give him the business.

7:32 – Following up on Chip and Jake.  Ed Henry is such a wannabe.

7:35 – Why wasn’t he publicly outraged before he knew what he was talking about.  Trust your feelings Barrack.

7:38 – The Australian government’s stimulus plan consists of putting another shrimp on the barbie.

7:39 – By the way Major Garrett can join the cool name reporter club.

7:41 – I wouldn’t give money to charity, but if I did I certainly wouldn’t do it if I had to donate at 28% instead of 39%.  Let the middle class write off 28%.

7:44 – Hello?  If these children are homeless how are they supposed to be watching this press conference?

7:46 – Straight outa Compton comes a question about race.  Michael Steele would have a field day with this.

7:51 – Obama has been blinded by science.  Bush never touched the stuff.

7:54 – Obama loves bragging about his parties

7:58 – I love the way that Fox News can put the whole speech in to simple terms.

Well that’s it.  I pretty much agree with the analysists on Fox News’ panel.  He wasn’t fooling anybody.


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