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Obama Negligence in North Korea

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I read a great little article today on  asking President Obama when the change is coming to North Korea.   It was like I had written the article myself.   Following 8 years of the Bush administration’s very successful handling of the North Korean situation, Obama’s negligence has just about started a global catastrophe.  As the article pointed out, what made George Bush so effective was that people all over the world feared him.   Obama’s response was to hit North Korea with a bunch of empty words.

There is only one answer to our present situation.   Obama must allow Israel to bomb North Korea and put an end to their nuclear program once and for all.  We must supply Israel with the bunker busters needed to penetrate any North Korean defenses.  I can understand that with our two current wars, the United States is afraid to take on a third, but Israel is just itching to bomb something.   Furthermore, Israel and South Korea are natural allies as shown during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles when Korean and Jewish merchants  frequently helped each other defend their businesses in the inner city.

It is a shame that it took Obama so little time to mess up the Bush administration’s skillful handling of the North Korean nuclear crisis, but we can’t undo what has been done.  Only by turning to our friend Israel can we hope to stop the North Koreans from further agression.


Written by thatsrightnate

May 28, 2009 at 7:58 pm

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