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Meeting Tom the Squeegee Guy

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Long time readers of this blog will remember Tom the Bartender from our discussion on politics and his views on Limbaugh and Obama.  I saw him as I was driving home from work, not at the bar, but on a busy street corner.   Instead of pouring drinks, I found him performing a public service by using a squeegee to clean the windshields of passing drivers.

“Tom!  How are you doing? I didn’t expect to see you out here,” I called to him

“Hey Nate,” he smiled at me and immediately began cleaning off my windshield, “I got my hours cut way down at work.   I’m doing the squeegee guy thing to help out with my bills.”

“Things bad?” I asked.

“I’m getting by Nate.   I get welfare, but that cow of an ex-wife keeps taking everything she can get her hands on for those brats of mine.  It is giving me more time to work on my manifesto though,” he said.

“Well that’s good,” I smiled reassuringly, “I really think you want to use a typewriter.  Computers make them seem very impersonal.  It sounds like you have a lot of things to worry about.”

“Oh yeah,” he shook his head, “Obama keeps trying to raise  taxes and take away my guns.  I try and promote the tea parties, when I squeegee windows unless the driver looks Arab or something.  We keep paying all this money and what do we get?”

“Good point,” I said, “as the honks behind me started getting louder.   You’re still really anti-Obama aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” said Tom, “Why do you think he’s in Arabia now?   Its cause he’s a Muslim.   Now that he’s elected he doesn’t have to deny it anymore”

“You think he’s going to admit being Muslim?” I asked.

Tom laughed, “No of course not, but if you watch his speech in Egypt he keeps looking to the left,  that’s code to let Islamists know he’s facing Mecca.   I think I’m going to join one of those citizen Grand Juries to indict Obama for not being born in this country.”

“Well, how can you prove that,” I asked.

“Come on.  His name is Barrack.   You grow up with anybody named Barrack?  Kind of a foreign sounding name isn’t it?” he asked.

“You know I can’t deny it Tom.  I think the guy behind me is going to get out of his car if I make him miss another green light so I better go.   Here’s something for your troubles.  I hope to see you at the bar again,” I said as I flipped him a quarter.

“Thanks Nate,” he smiled, “You’re one of the good ones.”


Written by thatsrightnate

June 4, 2009 at 6:38 pm

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