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The Socialist Threat of The Pledge of Allegiance

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Recently, Republican Representative Mike Castle of Delaware was shouted down by a lady in the audience who demanded that he go after Barrack Obama over his citizenship.  She then lead the crowd in a rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of the “men and women who have done so much for this country from 1776 until the present time.”  It is such an uncomfortable video to watch and I couldn’t believe how naieve and uninformed that audience was.  They really should have known exactly what they were saying before they said the pledge.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 for the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s voyage to America.   Bellamy was not only an avowed socialist, but the cousin of Edward Bellamy who is one of the most famous socialists of all.  When you look at the pledge in socialist context, “Indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all takes on a whole new meaning.”  The whole pledge is a rallying cry for redistributing our wealth.   Is it any wonder the amazing number of inroads that socialism has made in this country since the inception of the pledge that America had previously resisted.

It is now time for a  new pledge.  Indoctrinating our school children into the ways of socialism while we have a socialist President is very dangerous.  It’s been enough that schools have lunch programs which hook these kids on government handouts and salisbury steak at a young age.  I have written a new pledge that I hope could someday replace the socialist pledge we now have.

The New Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge of allegiance to this great capitalist nation
and the amazing flag that stands over it,
and the brave soldiers who sacrificed for our rights
like the right to bear arms, private insurance, and Christianity.
We are one nation with the right to rebel or secede
if we don’t like the President.

If the old one sounds better, remember the new one was written by a capitalist and as you get used to saying it, it will seem more normal to your ears.


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July 30, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Obama Birther T-Shirts

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[Update–I seem to have hit on something with this T-Shirt idea.   I want to be clear where your money is going if you buy one.   I’ll make $3 from the sale and the rest goes to Cafe Press and frankly $11.99 is pretty cheap for a t-shirt.   I’ll be ecstatic if I make $30 from the deal. Obviously, that’s a drop in the bucket for what I’ve spent on the blog this year.]

New in the Thatsrightnate Store is our brand new Obama Birther T-Shirt.  What better way to show everybody that Obama has produced a Birth Certificate than by wearing it on your chest?  What better way to let everybody know that something’s fishy about the certificate than wearing the evidence?

I am pleased to announce that I’m adding 3 new blogs to my blogroll.

1. Just Go Stand Over There Somewhere… Cody Kessler is one of the most intelligent and persistant commentators I’ve met in my time on Twitter.  She’s a great source of information and I’ve asked her for a stat or a link on more than one article.  Her blog is mostly a clearing house for information from other sources, but she has very good taste.   On Twitter you can find her on @Cody_K.

2. Wordsmoker I had a feud with this blog earlier after they accused me of being a crackpot and I accused them of being liberal propaganda.   I have since rethought this position as they have given me an award.   Big Legged Woman comes to us from this blog, which I believe spun off from Gawker.

3. Equa Yona This blogger has been very loyal to us.  He has us on his blogroll and he participates in our discussions and I’ve not added him to our blog roll even though I said I would months ago.  I’m just lazy unfortunately.

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July 29, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Nate Reaches Out

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NatereachesoutToday, I am going to kick off a new segment in my blog which is called Nate Reaches Out.   The idea behind this recurring feature is that a lot of my readers need help.   While I already had a bachelor’s degree, I feel that my honorary associate’s degree from Eugene Sawyer Community College has with it certain responsibilities.  One of them is community service.  If you have a question or problem that I can use my expertise to help you with, please let me know.

Today’s problem comes from Lola.  She just receiver her PHD from a Brazilian university.  I know, I didn’t know they had universities either.  However, she is interested in a job teaching English and if we’re ever going to get Brazil to adopt English as it’s official language, I thought this was a good cause.

Ok, here are the themes I need to study for my contest. The opening is for a professor of Linguistics and Literature in English in a public university in the Northeast of Brazil. Google “Fortaleza” and you’ll see that this city is paradise and that God is indeed Brazilian.
1. Theme, focus and information processing
2. From sentence to text (the notion of “text” and grammatical devices)
3. Sentence types and discourse functions
4. The interrelation between the sound system of English and other areas of research
5. Mood and Modality
6. The Semantics of the English Verbs
7. The Complexity of English Noun Clauses
8. Renaissance Elizabethan Theater
9. Romanticism in Britain
10. Romanticism in America
11. The Irish Literary Movement: The Celtic Twilight
12. The short story as Literary Form: A study of case
13. The Novel of Reconstruction: The lost generation
14. The Harlem Literary Renaissance
15. American Theater: Eugene O’Neill & Tennessee Williams

[You will obviously have to expand on this.  These are just starting points]

1. You are always going to want to start out with a good theme.  In America that’s the key to a successful televsion show as well.  Focus let’s you know what people are saying that you have to pay attention to and what you can ignore.  Information processing is the way that we humans process information also the brave American soldiers and it’s got to be about jobs.

2. There is a major difference in grammar between sentence and text.  For instance, the sentence “Oh my, did you see what she was wearing later? I was laughing about it.”  as a text it would be written “OMG, did U C wht she was wearing l8r? LOL”

3. There are 4 types of sentences –

  1. Declarative – usually involves a statement
  2. Imperative – usually  involves an exclamation
  3. Interrogative – usually involves a question
  4. Harsh Interrogative – usually involves a water board

4. The English make lousy sound systems, I would stick with Japanese.

5. This sounds like one of those touchy feely liberal arts type questions.  I don’t do those.

6. I won’t answer this because I don’t want to be accused of being anti-semantic.

7. English noun clauses are very simple as soon as you get to the subject, just ignore the other worrds.  It’s too much work anyway.  For instance, in the sentence, “What I had for breakfast gave me heartburn”  What is enough for a subject you don’t have to do the whole clause.

8. For the 20 minutes I saw of Shakespeare in Love, I can tell you Elizabethean Theater is bor-ring.

9. Romanticism in Britain is very limited by their culture.  They were brought up to keep a stiff upper lip and not really enjoy sex or romance.

10. Romanticism in America is much better.   I think it’s because of rock and roll, but even before then.   The only problem with American romance is when the guy is working very hard to put food on the table and a roof over the family’s head and while he’s working his wife is running around behind his back with the trainer who lives across the street.

11. The Irish Literay Movement consists of novels written by drunken authors like Jame Joyce’s Ulysses (which was a major disappointment to me as it had nothing to do with our former President and famous Civil War general) as well as Irish pub songs about drinking

12. America’s love affair with the short story is ingrained upon us from an early age.   No character has influenced more Americans over the years than Bazooka Joe.

13. People call this generation The Lost Generation because of the pheonomenal success of JJ Abrahams’ Lost television show.  Most people who read the Lost novels will tell you that Gregory Maquire does the best job of reconstructing the excitement of the show.

14. The Harlem Literay Renaisance was characterized by a vibrant art and literary scene in the black neighborhood of New York.  Much of The Cosby show’s look and sound were influenced by the Harlem Renaisance and many famous jazz musicians visited the house.

15. Both were depressing drunks.  If you want to impress the judges discuss modern American theatre–I’d suggest Grease or the Billy Joel musical Stepping Out.

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July 28, 2009 at 7:28 pm

William Shatner Reads Sarah Palin Farewell Speech

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[As I figured, NBC took the clip from Youtube.  You can now find it on Hulu]

I don’t know how long this will stay up, but it’ll probably move to Hulu.   Performance by the great William Shatner – Words by Sarah Palin

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July 28, 2009 at 7:59 am

I Interview Congressman Jack Kimble about Healthcare

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cspanAs you know, Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has been an occasional contributor to my blog.   He’s been very outspoken on Twitter(@RepJackKimble) lately about health care reform and the dangers of a Canadian style socialized medicine.   I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a phone interview with Congressman Kimble about this subject that is very important to both of us.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.   I think your contributions to the blog have really helped give me legitimacy as a blog.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  I’m always happy to talk to the media and with C-Span playing favorites, I’ve had a hard time getting my message out to the people of this United States and to the soldiers who keep this great land of ours safe also.

Nate: Yes, I too would like to say, “support our troops”.

Kimble: Thank you for doing that Nate.  It means a lot to me.

Nate: Now, you have some serious problems with Canadian health care I know.   I do too.   I dated a very beautiful Canadian girl who lived in Canada throughout high school and college.   She was pretty enough to be a model and in fact did do some wallet and picture frame work.  She was extremely into me and we tried to make the long distance thing work, but I finally had to break up with her because of Canadian health care.

Kimble: Why would you break up with a girl you obviously liked over Canadian health care.

Nate: The problem was every time she’d be coming down to visit me and meet my friends, she’d undoubtedly come down with something and have to cancel at the last moment.   It made me look very bad to my friends and that put a terrible strain on my relationship.

Kimble: Actually, that’s not an uncommon story.   Especially with attractive young Canadian women and some men.

Nate: I’m going to have to play Obama…I mean devil’s advocate here.

Kimble: :::laughing::: Nice one

Nate: What do you say to people who say that the Canadian health care system is much cheaper than the United States?

Kimble: That’s not quite true.   While Americans pay 16% of our GDP for health care, Canadians spend 10.1% of theirs.

Nate: So Canada’s system is considerably cheaper?

Kimble: Not exactly.  You see the life expectancy of an American is 77.1 years while in Canada the life expectancy is 80.7 years.   That’s 3 extra years of taxes that the average Canadian has to pay for their health care.  In the end it very much evens out.

Nate: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Kimble: You should.  It’s not just doctors either.   Dentistry in Canada is affected too.  Watch an NHL game sometimes and look at how many of the Canadian players are missing teeth.

Nate: Wow, there are a lot.  You explanation of the cost imbalance makes a lot of sense, but anybody can present statistics.   Do you have any anecdotes to help support your case?

Kimble: Yes, I do.  There’s a very brave Canadian woman by the name of Shona Holmes.

Nate: The woman in the commercial with the terminal brain tumor?

Kimble: Actually, she made the brain tumor part up, but anyway at 31 years old she was diagnosed with a Rathke’s Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland.

Nate: Wow! That sounds serious.

Kimble: It is.  A Rathke’s Cleft Cyst is a benign tumor that can cause dizziness and even blindness if it isn’t treated and the Canadians wanted her to wait a month for treatment so she paid $100,000 out of pocket to go to Arizona and get it removed.

Nate: She had to pay out of her own pocket, that’s terrible.   How do you explain that 85% of Canadians are happy with their healthcare system?

Kimble: Would you like the NFL to have 3 downs instead of 4?

Nate: No, of course not.

Kimble: Would you like to eat your french fries with brown gravy or vinegar?

Nate: Not if my life depended on it.

Kimble: How about the metric systme?

Nate: Oh heck no.

Kimble: The Canadians are happy with all of those things.

Nate: Wow, they really aren’t very bright.

Kimble: No they’re not.   They make great lumberjacks, defensemen, or mounties, but you sure wouldn’t want to ask one to do math.

Nate: Good point.   I know this may be a touchy topic, so you don’t have to answer this, but how do you respond to people who say that the big reason you’re so against socialized medicine is because insurance company lobbyists donate heavily to your campaign?

Kimble: I don’t mind answering.   Look, it takes a lot of money to run for office in this country.  I get a lot of money from insurance company lobbyists, but I always make it clear up front that it won’t affect my vote.  Some of the most despicable people on the planet contribute to my campaign–pay day loan guys, crack dealers, companies that knowingly make defective baby toys.   You think I am beholden to all those people?

Nate: Well no of course not, you’d never be reelected.

Kimble: Exactly Nate.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  You asked some real tough questions.  I like that.

Has Hip Hop Culture Gone Too Far?

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To hear Doctor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard University tell it, the police are out to get innocent people because of their race or ethnicity.  I can tell you from personal experience that isn’t the case.   In my younger days, I was no big fan of the police.   I would look at the extreme disproportionate percentage of white collar crime prosecutions against white men and feel I was being profiled.   I’d see cops looking at me as I was driving and I believed they thought if push came to shove I would attempt to bribe them.   A couple of years ago, I made friends with a cop and learned that wasn’t really the case at all.  It was all in my head.

One thing that is left out of news stories on the Gates case is that he didn’t actually own the house.   He was living there, but the house was actually owned by Harvard University.  I have to wonder what harm he might have caused had the police not arrived in such a timely manner.  Gates makes a big deal about the fact that he walks with a cane, but I have seen enough movies to know that canes can be used as weapons, and can be used to carefully conceal a poison tip or even a sword.  I have no doubt that the arresting officer was probably fearing for his life.

What the Africcan-American community has to understand is that the myth of racial profiling doesn’t excuse their own culpability.  The obvious reason that such a higher percentage of African-Americans are in jail compared to whites is hip hop culture.   One has to wonder if a 73 year old disabled college professors is breaking into homes, just how far this sick culture of fight the police has worked it’s way into black America.  Did Dr. Gates get his home invasion idea from rap groups like Public Enemy or NWA?  Most assuredly.

CNN is airing Black in America 2 tonight despite the fact that they have yet to air White in America 1.  I hope they will address this culuture of lawlessness, but I doubt it.   To African-American parents I urge you to not allow hip hop music in your house.  Give country music a try.  It’s as Ameircan as that Lee Greenwood song God Bless the USA and even Hootie is giving country a try.   Did you know there’s even a country rapper named Cowboy Troy?

The Health Care Chart Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

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One of the nice things about owning my own company is  that I have a graphics department at my disposal.   They’re actually not a department as much as two brothers Cristian [Sic] and Pedro who are very artistic.   Being the world’s best boss, I paid them to make a chart for me detailing the American Health Care System that I could get blown up for the wall of my office.   Now both Cristian and Pedro used this as an opportunity to harangue me for not giving them benefits, but as I told the,  if I gave them insurance I couldn’t afford to pay them $7 an hour.  Apparently, after I went through all this work, it turns out that a Republican congressman had created a chart for Obama’s socialized medicine, but I’m not sure if it was the House bill or the Senate bill and I don’t actually even know what Obama’s plan is.   Still, this chart shows why our current plan works best.