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Michael Jackson and I Take on Current Events

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In the 1980s, I felt a special kinship to Michael Jackson.  You see, I had lost one of my gloves and my parents disapproving of my irresponsible behavior didn’t want to reward me by buying me a new pair so in the winter of 1984, I spent a lot of time wearing only one glove.   Kids would laugh at me, but  then Thriller came out and suddenly I was the cool one.  I missed a lot of big stories while I was gone.  Not the least was Michael’s death.   Here’s my commentary with help from the King of Pop.

Keep on with the force don’t stop.  Don’t stop til you get enough.

Norm Coleman finally lost his battle to Al Franken for the Minnesota senate seat.   I should really say he got it stolen away.   Coleman would still be Senator except that 300 more people voted for Franken.   I see people protesting the coup in Honduras and the repression in Iran, but where is Norm’s support.   We really need a place to go where this can be argued after the Supreme Court.   Now, Obama will reach out to Republicans even less than he has.   What a dictator.  Just because we won’t vote for him doesn’t mean we don’t want to be asked.

Got to be there in the morning when she says hello to the world.  Got to be there, got to be there. Bring her good times and show her she’s my girl.

I am thrilled to find out that Mark Sanford is still alive.  I can’t believe the crap people are giving him.   What a politician does in Thailand or Argentina is none of their business.  It reminds me of when I was in college.  I was dating a Canadian supermodel from Canada and people were jealous.  They used to give me a hard time about it.  It didn’t help when she signed a deal with a wallet company so everybody had a picture of her just like the one she sent me.   I worry that this scandal and John Ensign’s affair may be distracting from our pro-marriage message.

Leave me alone-Stop it! Just stop doggin’ me around. Just stop doggin’ me

Michelle Bachman’s opposition to the census is a courageous stand.   I have never believed in censuses.  Afterall, baby Jesus would have had a proper bed to be born in if Mary and Joseph didn’t have to go to Bethlehem for a census.  Besides, we all know that math has a liberal bias and that once the numbers are counted it will hurt the Republicans.  I prefer relying on my faith in God to tell me how many people live in this country and not some Washington bureaucrat.

They told him don’t you ever come around here.  Don’t want to see your face you better disappear.  The fire’s in their eyes and their words are really clear so beat it.

When Hugo Chavez tried to claim that the United States instigated the coup in Honduras, he ran right up against President Obama condemning that same coup.  It caused a Venezuelan opposition party to label him “The George Bush of Latin America”.   I’m assuming that by that they mean an upright man of faith and strong personal convictions who rules the country to economic prosperity and world dominance.    Sorry, that doesn’t sound like Chavez at all.

And no message could have been any clearer if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself then make a change.

This last story reaffirms my faith in God.   When Joe the Plumber was asked about potentially running for office he said, “You know I talked to God about it and he was like “no”.   If there was ever proof needed that God was looking out for us here on Earth, I think that’s it.


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  1. I do hope that Michelle Bachmann sticks to her guns and doesn’t fill out the census and that she’s successful in getting her constituents to follow her lead. You go girl! Even if your congressional district is eliminated. Especially if that happens.


    July 1, 2009 at 9:56 pm

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