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Stop Obama’s Big Socialism

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People, it’s time to stand up for your rights.   The Socialists…I mean Democrats seem bound and determined to put a public health care plan in place to compete directly with our good old American private insurance companies.   At, they come right out and say it, “If the “public plan” is so good, show, do not tell.  Show us by creating a better product on the the (unfree) market, and let consumers decide.  Do not tell us it’s better and make it a crime for taxpayers not to fund it.”

That’s a clear and concise summary of the issue.  If the government can make such a great plan, then why should tax payers fund it?   The always insightful Heritage Foundation claims, “The likely incentives for government officials would be to set rules to advantage the government’s own health plan and to disadvantage the private health plans, including setting the government’s health plan premiums artificially low, reducing or eliminating cost-sharing requirements, or more heavily subsidizing certain benefits to make the government health plan more attractive than the private health plans. These plans would operate without incurring any of the normal financial risks that private health plans must bear.”

I couldn’t agree more.   We can’t expect a publicly funded enterprise to compete fairly with a privately funded one.  What’s odd though is that the Heritage Foundation is also a big advocate for increasing charter schools in this country.   Since charter schools are privately run schools  that compete directly with public schools in a system with public school districts are player and umpire in pretty much exactly the same way.  Of course the answer is simple–eliminate public schools in this country and let the charters provide education in a free market system.  We know that charters are better than public schools, but they score poorer on standardized tests than their public counterparts because it’s the public school districts that create the tests through the State Boards of Education.

It’s already troubling that UPS and Fed Ex are expected to compete with the United States Post Office, but the increased funding in the stimulus plan for public transportation is only going hurt the auto industry’s attempts to rebound.   Why would anybody buy a $50,000 car and fill it with expensive gasoline when you can ride on the tax payer’s back plus a buck or two?  Don’t even get me started on public broadcasting.

I’ve never even liked government funded roads.  I believe that the government went way above their Constitutional powers when it built the first national road in 1806.  Privately funded roads like the Lancaster Turnpike were doing just fine before the government got involved.   Let’s get the government out of businesses better left to private companies like roads, mail delivery, education, transportation, security, and insurance.   Socialism is not the American way.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 10, 2009 at 8:32 pm

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  1. How about a private military as well? I have long felt that we would never have lost Nam to the commies if Mercenaries R USA were in the field. Granted they might not have all the toys, but when you’re paying a murderous thug $1000.00 a day-he(or she) will get the job done! And we can have all the poor people back home to work at the great job opportunities like Wal-Mart and Wendy’s!

    equa yona

    July 12, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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