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Evaluation by Anonymous Quote

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I have to admit that the Sotomayor hearings have been one big snooze fest.  The only reason I’ve kept it on at work is so that I can show my Hispanic employees how unqualified the woman really is.  Yesterday, I did get a bit into it as Lindsey Graham was grilling Sotomayor.  I was very proud of Senator Graham for doing it all by himself without John McCain there.  I feel like he’s really starting to spread his own wings.

Anyway, Lindsey Graham found a unique way to question Sotomayor and that was by using anonymous quotes that some lawyers made in the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary.   In that book several anonymous lawyers called Sotomayor a bully, one said she was terror from the bench, a third one said “Like oh my God!  Did you see what she was wearing under her robes? Hid-e-ous”.

Today, one of those Democrats tried to defend Sotomayor by using anonymous positive quotes.   The more I think about it the more I think that maybe in the 21st century that is the way we should evaluate judges and pretty much everything.   We already do it on sites like and Ebay where we look at feedback.  Let’s bring the same technique to the Supreme Court nomination.   Assuming that Sotomayor is going down in flames let’s apply this test to my first choice–Judge Mathis.

  1. “AKA: The Justice Judge. That’s my name for Judge Mathis. And yet he is Oh So Funny.”
  2. “Judge Mathis is a great person knowing where he came from and still accomplished his goals!!! Keep trying to lead our young brother and sisters in the right direction… Thank you so much for all the love you show. May God Bless.:)”
  3. “I am watching Judge Mathis as i do when I look for something on tv. I think he is a great judge and person. If he ever ran for office here in Michigan or for President. He would have my vote.”
  4. “I wanted to let you know that JM is very funny and witty.”
  5. “Judge Mathis deserves to be on this list simply because he happens to have the most finely tuned bullshit detector I’ve ever seen. Nothing gets past him. Sometimes he plays along with someone when he knows they’re lying, letting the person build a complex house of contradictions thatched together with bullshit so he can come back and stomp everyone’s ass in the court room. Judge Judy, Joe Brown, and “Texas Justice” Larry Joe have nothing on him. Mathis could chew them up and spit them out like a pile of soggy sausages. He’s part Shaft, part Matlock (the non-flaccid, non-geriatric part), and all badass. Hail Mathis.”

Now those are simple anonymous quotes from the web.  If you google them you can find where they’re from, but I think it really shows you just what a great Supreme Court Justice Judge Mathis would make.   Shaft meets Matlock is nothing to take lightly regardless of his views on any particular case.  Let’s start pushing Obama to nominate Judge Mathis now.


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  1. I give this post an 83. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!


    July 16, 2009 at 7:53 am

  2. Psychedelic :::snap:::


    July 16, 2009 at 6:49 pm

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