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Is Obama Plotting a Coup?

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I hate to think that the President of the Untied States, no matter how despicable he may be, may actually be plotting to overthrow the government of the United States, but it definitely appears to be the case as I peruse the blogosphere. Several blogs put forth powerful arguements like this one.  Most shocking perhaps is this woman’s blog.   She got her information from a black guy, which makes it even more incredible.

Obama’s path to a coup is obvious.   First he will repeal the 22nd amendment (An email going around the web last month threatened just this).   This is as simple as getting 2/3 of the House and Senate to vote to repeal it.  Surely, Obama should be able to keep all Democrats and simply pick up 6 Republican Senators and 65 Republican House members to go along with it.  Then he needs 38 states to go along with it.   Obama won 29 states in the 2008 election so to pick up another 9 votes it appears he will simply have to convince states like Utah, Texas, and Alabama to go along with this plan.

The next step would be to use the military to impose his iron will on the Senate and House.  I’m not really sure why he would do this as Congress is such a bastion of Godless liberalism and the troops are mostly God fearing Republicans.   We actually might be a little short sighted in wanting Congress to lay off the CIA.

As we continue to lose our precious liberties under the Obama administration, a movement is emerging to stand up to Obama.   Led by the Free Republic website and a guy who does an impression of Thomas Paine if he wasn’t English, despised multiculturalism and supported religion, we will march on Washington.  The day for this planned march is September 12, 2009 and it will be glorious.

With the Republican party’s approval rating beginning to inch up over a third of Obama’s the time is clearly coming for us to act.  The complaints of the marchers are myriad and there is a lot that will need to be addressed.   However, there are a few things from the Free Republic  that clearly need to be done to preserve our democracy:

  1. Secretary of State becomes provisional President
  2. State Legislatures pick new Senators
  3. The Constitution must be strictly adhered to except the 16th (Slave tax), and 17th amendments (too much democracy), oh and the 23rd (Washington is always just a Democrat vote) and the 26th (Too many liberals).
  4. We’d like to replace those amendments by simply reprinting the 2nd amendment four times.
  5. No more Social Security or other government programs
  6. Protecting life is our first repsonsibility so we hereby will outlaw abortion.   Anybody found performing abortions will be eligible for the death penalty.
  7. Build a mote from Texas to San Diego and fill with shark.
  8. Allow each state to control what can and cannot be safely stored in self storage.
  9. Appoint Judge Mathis as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and put him in charge of recruiting 9 other replacement judges
  10. Require that all Presidential candidates prove their eligibility for office.

You know, none of this would have been necessary if some of you had just gotten off your butts and voted the way we wanted you to.  It is our Constitutional right to overthrow a bad government and clearly over 20% of the population belives this to be just such a bad government.   and let’s not forget what Sharon Howard  was told by a black person no less, “”It’s going to take all of you white people and the red necks too, to turn this country around.”   Amen my brother, Amen.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 19, 2009 at 7:52 am

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