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Live Blogging of Obama Healthcare Presser

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7:02- Why does he keep blaming the economy on Bush?

7:04 – Businesses wouldn’t be paying more for health care if they were frugal like me and just didn’t give benefits.

7:05 – We’re supposed to believe that there are 14,000 Americans who lose their health care every single day, get it back, and lose it the next day?

7:06 – This is an economic incentive to move. If Barack Obama or Clarence Thomas’s parents had this, would they have moved a lot as kids?

7:09 – “We will break you.” Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

7:11 – Now that he owns all these car companies, he can’t refrain from trying to seel them.

7:15 – Why do we have to change to expect a different result?  Why can’t reality change?

7:22 – Obama seems either more confident or more aggravated tonight and I can’t figure out which.

7:23 – My insurance doesn’t cover busses

7:25 –  If they want to encourage more doctors in rural communities, put Northern Exposure reruns on PBS

7:29 – Sacrifice?  What is this sacrifice you’re talking about?  Bush never asked us to sacrifice

7:30 – Just because something doesn’t work, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay for it. Thanks for killing the F-22 Mr. President

7:31 – Take the blue pill!!!!

7:35 – I’d love to have the blowdryer concession in Washington DC

7:39 – The Chicago Tribune is still putting out a paper?  How cool is that?

7:43 – Why does Obama want more regulation?   I’m sure the banks have learned their lesson.

7:47 – Stephen Koff? Is that a real name? Come to think of it, is that a real mustache?

7:51 – Aha! I called it.  Stephen Koff was an impostor.

7:54 – When a highly respected college professor like Dr. Gates turns to a life of crime, I think it says a lot about the problems with hip hop culture.


2 Responses

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  1. Dear Sir:

    First of all, let me salute You for Your [awe]inspiring comments on all the flaws of this new administration. As I confess on my own blog, I was a leftist before finding your inspiring blog – God must have seem some redeeming quality in me as without His intervention I would not have found You and, if not for Him, would still be grovelling in the slimy bottom of the lefty nullah. I have started my own blog to join the Good Fight and be a soldier with You to reclaim the Lost Glory. Please visit me ( and leave a comment as that would inspire me even more.

    From the Right Side

    July 23, 2009 at 10:45 am

  2. Hey, thanks for following my lead. Together, I’m sure we can take back this country. I did read your blog yesterday, but thought I’d give it a couple of days before I commented. I’m like that.


    July 23, 2009 at 3:03 pm

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