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Family Vacation: Be Back 08/17

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Silo outside Faith Tabernacle Church in Bixby, OK

Silo outside Faith Tabernacle Church in Bixby, OK

I’m going to be suspending the blog for almost a week as my daughter Emily and I take a vacation I’ve dreamed about for a long time.   When I was 13 years old I literally ate, drank, and slept self storage.   Unfortunately, Emily doesn’t seem to have the same passion for the family business that I do.  Her main passion seems to be eating and I assured her we’d stop at plenty of good restaurants.   Regardless, this is my chance to really ignite her passion in the self storage industry, which I believe is the key to america’s survival in the coming decades.   Hopefully, along the way, we’ll have some precious father and daughter memories.

In planning the trip I started with the innugural class of the Self Storage Hall of Fame from 2005.  Just reading their names you can feel the history:

Frank Blumeyer, Sr. – Founder, Storage Inns. Blumeyer opened his first self storage facility in 1973 and made significant contributions to the industry in the areas of design and marketing. In the early years of the SSA, Blumeyer went out of his way to work with novice operators to help establish an educated and efficient industry. (Blumeyer and his business are in St. Louis.   We’re so there)

Gordon Burnam – Founder, Storage Mart. Burnam happened on a self storage facility in 1974, while vacationing with family. He opened one facility in the college town of Columbia, MO and within a few years had 14 stores in eight states. Burnam was one of the first in the self storage sector to take his company public. (Columbia, is not that far from St. Louis.)

Daniel Curtis – Curtis was a fighter pilot and an engineer who became an entrepreneur when he recognized the need to satisfy building demands in self storage. His metal products and door designs have been adopted throughout the country in storage facilities.  (A hero of mine.  You can’t beat the combination of fighter pilot and self storage giant)

Hardy Good – Founder, MiniCO, Inc. During the past four decades Good has filled many needs of the self storage community, chief among them insurance and publishing. He has also been a supporter and participant in Self Storage Association activities since its founding. (Hardy is a living legend and though Phoenix is a drive, I’m really looking forward to seeing him)

Harold Leslie – Leslie Industries, Inc. A charter SSA member while working for Piper Industries, Inc., Leslie refined the standing  seam steel roof concept, now common in self storage construction. His own company, Leslie Industries, has been a leading self storage builder for more than three decades. (I’ve heard my dad tell of the days before the Standing Seam Steel Roof and Harold Leslie is a giant, but we won’t be visiting him).

Edmund Olson – A-American Self Storage, Inc. Olson owned Gunite Construction in 1973, when he saw a “mini-warehouse” on a trip to Phoenix, AZ. His first self storage facility soon followed, in Canoga Park, CA. A-American Self Storage is now the 8th largest operator in the business with 102 facilities in several states. (Unfortunately, California is too far)

Arthur “Buzz” Victor – Founder, United Stor-All. The patriarchof the SSA created the Association after searching for other operators with whom to share ideas, establish standards and advocate pro-storage positions. Victor served as the first President of the SSA from 1975 to 1977. The Mini Storage Alarm Company was also an early creation of Victor’s, formed when he recognized that fences and locks were not enough to satisfy the security demands of tenants. (I’m not a fan of Mr. Victor.  I believe that is enough said)

I mentioned meeting up with Martin Loviglio at the GRPSEC.  In my mind it’s a travesty that neither Martin Loviglio who is the founder of modern storage facility management nor John Peele who was the pioneer of self storage in the Great Lakes Region have yet to be recognized.  We’ll be meeting up with Martin Loviglio in Bixby, Oklahoma.  Hopefully, he won’t mind putting us up for a couple of days.

I apologize in advance for missing the next week of posting, but exposing my daughter to the wonders of self storage and some quality time alone is worth it.   I’m hoping I can take advantage of the long ride bettween Bixby and Phoenix to discuss her weight with her.


Written by thatsrightnate

August 11, 2009 at 1:36 pm

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  1. Hi Nate, My friend Cecily tipped me off to your blog. Luv it, big guy. I’m gonna miss you next week, but Cec tells me how much your daughter needs to lose. As a former MIss Tulsa City College, I can tell you that a lot of OK highways are really empty. Maybe you could have Emily run along side the car for few hours? Just trying to help you the way you help all of us conservatives fight injustice.


    August 11, 2009 at 3:52 pm

  2. What a great suggestion, Shila! Yeah, I’m sure Emily will love running along side the car!
    And no doubt, Nate, she will learn to love the exciting world of the storage business.
    But too bad you won’t leave Steve taking care of the blog…
    Well, I’ll miss you all, but it’s for the best. I’m traveling Monday morning for my contest and I’ll only be back on the 21 or 25/August. It depends. With all the tips you gave me, Nate, about the Lost generation and not being anti-semantic and so forth, I’ll do fine. See you!


    August 11, 2009 at 7:44 pm

  3. Gracias Senorita. Buenos Suerte en su examinacion.


    August 12, 2009 at 9:00 am

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