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Debating My Daughter on Health Care

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One of the conditions of my trip with Emily to visit self storage places in the West was that I’d allow her to give her opinion on the health care debate.   As I have Emily this weekend, this seemed like the ideal time to have her give her opinion.  However, my blog has a reputation for hard hitting conservative commentary and while my daughter is quite intelligent for a girl, she’s only 13 years old.   Therefore, I thought I’d let her give her opinion in the form of a debate, which I thought would be educational for both her and my readers.

Nate: Welcome Emily.   Why do you want socialist health care that would kill your grandmother?

Emily: Dad, it’s not socialist.   That’s just a talking point you Republicans use.  We pay more for health care then anybody else in the world yet the World Health Organization ranks us 37th right after Costa Rica.   Don’t you think that as Americans we can do better?

Nate: Emily, the World Health Organization is a biased liberal organization.  They have a bunch of scientists working for them of course they’re going to be on the socialists’ side.

Emily: Knowing stuff doesn’t make you a liberal dad…Hmm, maybe it does.

Nate: Getting back to health care.  I don’t want my tax dollars paying for some illegal immigrant’s medical care.

Emily: You are already dad.

Nate: How do you figure?

Emily: When an illegal immigrant is injured they go to the emergency room.   In fact, that World Net Daily link you sent me last year said that ¼ of all emergency room patients in Florida were illegals.  The government spent $40 billion covering the medical costs of the uninsured last year, so figure we spent $10 billion or so on the medical care for illegal aliens.

Nate: That’s ridiculous.  If it’s life threatening sure, but if they’re going to the emergency room for the flu or something then throw the bums out.

Emily: The flu? You mean like swine flu dad?  Have you ever heard the word pandemic?

Nate: That’s like a disease striking pandas right?

Emily: Yeah, sure dad.   Anyway,  if we don’t treat people with the flu it can spread.

Nate: It’s still socialism Emily and that’s something I won’t put up with in this house?

Emily: You mean like the electricity and the running water?  How about that reduced price lunch I get at school everyday.

Nate: Don’t blame me for that.  I’ve been telling your mother you don’t need to eat lunch until you’re under 110 pounds.

Emily: I know dad and running in the hot Oklahoma sun chasing after the car is good for me.

Nate: It builds character.  Listen, I don’t want a medical system like Canada?

Emily: Canadians love it, but besides that as Americans why would we ever put the Canadians accomplishments as the upper limit of our own potential in anything, but ice hockey.  No offense to Canada, but don’t you love this country?  Don’t you think we’re better than Canada?

Nate: Yes, of course.

Emily: Then why couldn’t our health care be better than theirs if we tried a public option?

Nate: We can’t have a public option competing with private insurance.  The public option doesn’t worry about profits and can undercut the private companies.  The Heritage Foundation says it’s ridiculous for a private company to try to compete with the government when the government sets the rules?

Emily: This is the same Heritage Foundation that’s a huge advocate of charter schools like the one you keep trying to send me to?

Nate: Yeah

Emily: I wonder if they teach irony in charter schools.

Nate: You are so pigheaded young lady.   How can you defend death panels?

Emily: There are no death panels.

Nate: Yes there are.  Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin say there are.

Emily: So what would a death panel do?

Nate: When I get old, they’ll come and ask me if I get sick if I want them to pull the plug.

Emily: Who makes that decision now?

Nate: You do.

Emily: You know if I had a daughter that I tried to make run after the car in 95 degree weather in Oklahoma or fought with her teachers every year because they were trying to make her a liberal or had her first 11 birthday parties at my self storage business, I might want an impartial panel making that decision instead.

Nate: Go to your room Emily.

Emily: Did I mention having to give my friends unclaimed self storage items for Christmas and birthday presents?

Nate: Emily!

Emily: I’m going.

I apologize for the awkward ending, but hopefully both Emily and my readers have learned exactly why the Obama health care scheme would be horrible for our country and needs to be stopped.


Written by thatsrightnate

August 21, 2009 at 9:19 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Wow, Emily IS really intelligent… for a girl. But tell her that this attitude of hers (standing up to men! What is happening to the world?!) won’t take her anywhere. You know, it might be hunger that is causing her to become so rebellious. I’d feed her sometimes if I were you. Oh, and I had that toy as a child, but in Portuguese. It was really educational!


    August 23, 2009 at 9:58 pm

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