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Live Blogging of Obama’s Heath Care Speech

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7:02 – I really like the parade of sick people.  That’s class.

7:06 – Oh Congressman Kimble.  I don’t think Hillary was expecting tongue when she kissed you.   That’s not going to go over well.

7:13 – Ah, the President found the parade of sick people

7:15 – Hmm, what was in the over sized envelopes he gave Pelosi and Biden? The real death panel info?

7:18 – Starting with a pledge to find Sarah Palin work is very bipartisan

7:20 – Did Obama just say he was determined to be the last President? Glenn Beck was right.

7:21 – My TV just switched to the X-Files. Oh wait, that’s John Dingell

7:29 – Bipartisan is the best ideas from the Democrats and the best ideas from Olympia Snowe

7:32 – This sounds like socialism to me

7:35 – Wow! John McCain has such a heartwarming smile

7:37 – I went to a Presidential news conference and a town hall broke out

7:40 – Congressman Kimble just confessed he was the heckler.

7:47 I will not sign a plan that makes Senator Grassley smile.

7:53 – Tort reform is how they keep medical costs so low in Texas and Missouri

7:55 – I think there’s an auction going on.  Somebody just made a bid.

8:03 – An awful lot of indoctrinating tonight.

8:07 – Good that the Republicans are going back to Louisiana for the Rebuttal.  Jindahl went so well.  This guy is a pretty dynamic speaker.


Written by thatsrightnate

September 9, 2009 at 6:14 pm

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