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Obama Bungles H1N1 Vaccine

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Vaccine Protest Holy PrepuceThis country is on the verge of a health care crisis we haven’t seen in many years as the Obama administration’s  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report there is not enough H1N1 vaccine available for everyone in the United States.  Hit especially hard by the shortage are many conservatives who had intended to boycott the vaccine, but find themselves unable to take a principled stand due to the shortage.

At the Fairport Clinic in suburban Chicago, a crowd of 15 angry protesters were turned away when the vaccine shipment that they were protesting never arrived.  “This is outrageous,” complained conservative housewife and mother of 3 Lynette Granger, “How am I supposed to teach my kids to practice abstinence with vaccination if there isn’t enough vaccine to even tempt them with it.”

Health officials say the H1N1 vaccine is difficult to grow, and that causes a delay in production and a shortage of vaccine. The CDC says there are now more than 22 million doses available, but there eventually will be some 225 million doses.   In the meantime, anti-government activists are having a hard time finding clinics that have enough of the vaccine for them to steadfastly refuse to take it.  “This is beyond irresponsible,” said a disgusted Geoffrey Spaulding of Cicero who was holding a Don’t Take the Vacsine sign, “They’ve had almost a year to get this thing ready.  Obama should be ashamed.”

As more vaccine is made available, it will first go to pregnant women, small children, and health care workers before moving on to conservative activists.  This is especially hard on conservative conspiracy theorists who have invested considerable time blogging and writing about various conspiracies about the vaccine.  “I just don’t understand how they are able to complete FEMA prison complexes so quickly, but are unable to get their act together on the swine flu vaccine.  Mark my words, there’s something very sinister afoot here,” said blogger Lewinskydefeater.

One thing is for sure, until we get enough vaccine produced and ready for public inoculation, we are unable to boycott the vaccine and that is clearly a violation of our first amendment rights.  Please call your congressman and demand that they step up production of the vaccine while there is still time to protest against it.  Our first amendment rights are too valuable to lose.


Written by thatsrightnate

October 29, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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