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Liberal Media Bias Invades Boobah

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We Republicans have been watching a lot of television lately.   In February of 1999, Jerry Falwell went after Teletubbies for the obvious homosexual subtext of the show.   Recently, Bill O’Reilly and Andrew Breibart showed outrage at Sesame Street when the show aired a rerun and on second viewing they realized that when Oscar the Grouch called Pox News trashy, he was really taking a jab at Fox News.   I’m actually kind of surprised it took repeated viewing for such an obnoxious attack to sink in.

I have always given PBS a wide berth because I believed that their political messages were going over the heads of small viewers so if Thomas the Tank Engine was pushing for organized labor or Dora the Explorer was calling for amnesty for illegal immigrants I didn’t say anything.   I even ignored Clifford the Big Red Dog’s subtle messages about the danger of feeding animals growth hormones.   However, the PBS show Boobah has finally gone to far.

Boobah is nothing more than political indoctrination.   I’m not talking about their insipidly saccharine messages of fat acceptance and racial harmony, but of their constant shilling for the Obama administration.  To begin with, you need to translate baby talk.   Don’t forget just how young and audience that this show is aimed at.   When Emily was a little girl I could never get her to say the words “special prosecutor”  usually it would come out as something like “procu”.   A small child saying “Obama” would end up saying something like “Boobah”.   The repeated saying of the word Boobah over and over in the show indoctrinates small children that Obama is their friend.

Now it is possible that this is a coincidence and I’m overreacting a bit.   However, if you look at the ball floating in at the beginning of the show’s intro.  That floating ball of light looks very familiar.  Now where have I seen it before?   Hmm?  I think I remember now.   Was it here?

Now, we’re starting to get past the realm of any possible coincidence.   Our tax dollars are going to support PBS and while I do enjoy the occasional Yani concert from the Acropolis, I do not approve of my tax dollars being used to support indoctrinating our preschool children to blindly serve President Obama.   If we don’t put a stop to this now, there is no telling where it will spread to next.


Written by thatsrightnate

November 10, 2009 at 11:02 pm

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