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The Lessons of Veterans Day

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Veteran of the Culture Wars - Lou Dobbs

Today, millions of Americans were off from work because of Veterans Day, but I wonder how many really thought about why they were off.  Veterans Day is a day to think about those brave few who gave so much for this country.  I do this in the way I have since I was a small child, by watching war movies.   Nothing says “thank you” to our country’s veterans like watching their exploits dramatized on cable television.  One of my regrets in life is that I was unable to serve in the military.  Unfortunately for me, my family was well off and I really had no option other than college, but I like to think I would have been  a great soldier.  The American fighting man is the best in the world and we do them a grave disservice when we don’t use them.  To our veterans who served when their country needed them, I thank you.

It seems fitting that Lou Dobbs would leave CNN today.   Like me, Dobbs isn’t a veteran of trench warfare, but he is a veteran of the culture wars.   Nobody has done more to heighten the fear of middle America to the dangers of illegal aliens.   I hope he winds up on Fox News or runs for public office, but I want everybody to remember the sacrifice that he has made for all of us, especially if he has to take a job at Univision or something.  Lou and I aren’t soldiers, but we have been wounded in this cultural war and we continue to try and fight the good fight.  Isn’t that what Veterans Day is all about?



Written by thatsrightnate

November 11, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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