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US Courts are No Place for the Truly Evil

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I love legal shows like LA Law or Night Court as much as the next guy, but to be an informed citizen of the United States means to understand the limitations of our legal system.   Right now, the Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether juvenile offenders can be given life without parole in cases that don’t involve homicide.   That seems to be the thing that our court system is good for.   Insurance fraud, spammers, even a simple assault is what our court system handles best.  If you make it handle a case involving something like terrorism, you have to remember that there are two possible verdicts and one of them you’re not going to like.

Today, in a completely boneheaded move, the Obama administration announced plans to try the 9/11 conspirators in New York.  I wish they would reconsider, our courts are not set up to handle the truly diabolical like Osama Bin Laden , Khalid Sheik Mohammed, or my ex-wife Kimberly.   I know I shouldn’t blog after I’ve been drinking or while I am drinking for that matter, but somethings need to be said, like why this is a very stupid idea.  No wonder many conservative bloggers have called Obama’s decision to attempt to give the terrorists a fair trial and not hold them indefinitely without trial–a further step towards totalitarianism.

The problem is anything said by the terrorists under duress can’t be used in court.  In fact, if for example, one of the interrogators was yelling at Khalid Sheik Mohammed after catching him to plot to do something really evil and the neighbors called enough times, the police could threaten to make the interrogator spend the night in prison even if Khalid was the one who was sleeping with the personal trainer across the street or trying to blow up something.   The US Courts are unable to discern what happens when one person spends long nights at the office and the terrorists claim that they’re not getting any support at home and that they’re bored and lonely.   Frankly, if you plot an attack that kills Americans on American soil it shouldn’t matter if you’re lonely anyway.

I have no doubt that this big show trial will have the world riveted, but in the end I won’t be surprised if the United States loses and we have to let the terrorists go.   Let me tell you it won’t be fun when we see them living in our house with a personal trainer and we’re left wondering just what we as a country did that was so bad.   What?  Just answer me that.  What did the United States ever do that was so bad?


Written by thatsrightnate

November 13, 2009 at 10:34 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Oops, did Nate just offend Kimberly? Steve, where are you to defend her?


    November 14, 2009 at 4:19 pm

  2. Oh, I’m with Nate on this one. Kimberly is hot for a woman in her 30s, but she’s a total witch. She lets Emily eat too much sugar and she left Nate a bitter, bitter man. Did you know that, before the divorce, Nate almost voted Democrat? It was 2000 and he was full of the Jomentum. He was quite ahead of his time in seeing Lieberman’s potential for good.


    November 14, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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