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Obama’s Grade So Far = F

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Two things happened last week that I personally failed to note in this blog.   First, the Obama Presidency passed the year mark since his election.   Secondly, my daughter Emily receiver her progress report at school.  I always hate progress reports because the teachers think they can impress me by telling me how smart my daughter is.   Don’t you think I know that?  She’s a Peele.  What I want to know is why haven’t you taken any of the two pages of  suggestions I gave you at the beginning of the year?   I’m telling you, the teachers get more Marxist every year.

I decided to grade Obama in the areas that are most important for an American President.  Sadly, it simply reveals exactly how badly he is failing:

  1. Economy: F
  2. Military: F
  3. Moral Leadership: F
  4. Americaness: F
  5. Health Care: F
  6. Foreign Policy: F

Economy: Let’s face it, President Bush was a genius.  He managed to finance a huge prescription drug benefit for seniors and two wars without having to even put them in the budget. Unfortunately, Obama is no Bush. When President Obama began his election campaign, Wall Street was so panicked by his Marxism that the economy immediately tanked.   I had hoped that given a year, he could fix the mess he made, but sadly it’s gotten worse.   In November and December of last year, Obama passed ridiculous measures bailing out the housing and automobile industries as well as Wall Street despite the fact he wasn’t even President.    Things have only gotten worse since then.

Military: In 2001 when American forces first went into Afghanistan we seemed on the verge of a dramatic victory.  Why is it that Obama has been President for only a year and we’re already in deep trouble in Afghanistan?   We left Iraq too without a decisive victory or a surrender ceremony.

Moral Leadership: I blame this failure on Obama’s secret Muslim faith, which he won’t admit.   However, there’s a reason that Glenn Beck cries nearly nightly.

Americanness: I don’t know.  Obama has just failed to show requisite Americanness.   A Republican President would never bow to the leader of Japan if it wasn’t in the course of vomiting.  It may be because he was born in Kenya, but he just doesn’t feel very American to me.  How many photos have been taken of him even attempting to clear brush.

Health Care: Obama has failed to get a health care bill through Congress largely because he has failed to reach out to Republicans.  Instead of reforming health care, he seems more intent on giving health care to people who don’t have it and haven’t needed it so far.   Poor people don’t need insurance, they have emergency rooms.

Foreign Policy: What else can you call a President who has not been able to to anything about mounting crises in North Korea and Iran except a failure.   I miss the steady hand on the Tiller that was the Bush administration.

Now, please understand that I say Obama is failing not because he is black or because I am a very partisan Republican who is incensed at having lost the election and wants to return to power in 2012.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead, I say Obama is failing because by any objective measure he is.  Compare the first year of the Obama administration with the first year of Bush’s term and other than the whole 9/11 thing, it’s clear that Bush was the superior President.   The economy was better, we weren’t fighting these two difficult wars, and America was headed in the right direction.   Like all Americans, I hope that Obama will do better in the coming year.


Written by thatsrightnate

November 22, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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  1. You are a fucking idiot and should be bitched slapped

    Bill Johnson

    October 30, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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