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Live Blogging of Obama Afghanistan Speech

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7:02 Catchy theme song, but I like Hail to the Chief

7:05  I’m glad that Bush was able to put an end to that acting as one thing

7:06 I hate how Obama says Taliban. It sounds like he’s Harry Belafonte counting bananas

7:07 Wow! When did West Point start admitting women?

7:10 Why is Obama having so much trouble with Afghanistan? Bush was doing so well that he was able to start a second war

7:11 @Greytdog on Twitter suggested that he should have Hail to the Chief when he enters and the NCIS theme when he leaves.  I like that idea.

7:14  If the threat is this serious, we should have color codes for it.

7:20 Pakistan is pretty much Afghanistan with a good cricket team…oh yeah and nuclear missiles.

7:26 If the wars cost a trillion dollars then why weren’t they in the budget?  Liberals are such spend thrifts.

7:29 He just said we have to be nimble? He is channeling Belafonte. Barack be nimble, Barack be quick, Barack go under the limbo stick

7:31 All we’re asking for is a little gratitude.

7:36 Well it was quick enough, I’ll say that.


Written by thatsrightnate

December 1, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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