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Obama Endangers Rural Illinois

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When most people think of Illinois, they think of Chicago, but there’s a lot more to this state than Chicago.   There are hard working people all over this great state like the men and women of Bloomington who make Beer Nuts or the Catepillar workers in Peoria who make tractors.   Decatur is the home of the country’s first corn oil mill and the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle is in Collinsville.   These are the hard working salt of the Earth types.   There are a lot of Joe Six Packs and hockey mom’s in downstate Illinois or there would be if they played more hockey and less basketball.

This week, President Obama endangered this lifestyle by announcing that up to 100 Gitmo detainees would be sent to a Super Max prison in Thomson, Illinois.   Now, this country is certainly capable of holding mass murderers, mafia dons, and gang leaders in prison, but these terrorists are Muslims who would love nothing more than to destroy our way of life.  Considering how fast we are doing this ourselves, they will be extra motivated to cause destruction.  During World War II many German POWs were imprisoned in rural Wisconsin.  Do you know what happened?  After the war, they moved there.   When the war on terror is over, do we really want these terrorists moving to rural Illinois?  I sure don’t.

With the United States holding Muslim prisoners in rural Illinois.  It becomes a very tempting target for al-qaeda.   Just think of the damage they could inflict on American morale by destroying the world’s largest catsup bottle, the world’s largest cross in Effingham, or raiding the Illinois Military Museum in Springfield and taking Santa Ana’s captured leg.   I doubt that terrorists had their sites on any of these places before Obama decided to house their brethren at Thomson.


Written by thatsrightnate

December 17, 2009 at 11:02 pm

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