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All Muslims Must Be Screened When Flying

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Some Muslims are hard to spot without the hot dog and whiskey test.

I imagine as President of the United States that there are times when calm rational thought is the best friend you have when trying to keep our country safe.   Unfortunately, the war on terror is not one of them.   When I look to the President of the United States, I want to see him angrily calling terrorists evil doers and threatening them with extinction–that’s how you fight terrorism.   You don’t fight it by pretending it’s simple criminal activity.   The recent attack on Christmas day in Detroit showed a definite negligence on the part of the Obama administration.   The plane was flying on Christmas.   Who other than a Muslim is going to be on an airplane on Christmas day.  Christians are with their family celebrating Christmas while Jews are at home lighting candles for Hanukkah.

Obama’s response is to try the Underbomber in federal court instead of taking him to Gitmo where he belongs.   We already have the Shoe Bomber in a federal prison, do we really need another bomber like this on America soil?   The terrorists will only be a pair of pants, a shirt, and perhaps a belt from being able to put a full explosive outfit together.   Still Obama passively talks about the situation calmly detached.   Me personally, I want a President who is angry enough to only put 3 syllables in the word terrorism–tear-rism.

Now, most Muslims aren’t terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims or possibly Colombian.   The problem with profiling Muslims is that it’s not like just targeting African-Americans or Hispanics like traffic cops do.   Muslims can be Asians, or Africans, or Middle-Easterners, and there are converts all over the world.   In order to effectively screen Muslims everybody entering an airport should have a choice between having a shot of whiskey and eating one of those tiny hot dogs inside of crescent roll dough.    This will accommodate children who shouldn’t drink and vegetarians who won’t eat hot dogs.  You could even have that red sauce that looks like catsup, but is a little zingier.    Now, Muslims don’t drink and they won’t eat pork, so when one of them refuses, they’re busted.  They can continue on, but only if they go through a more stringent security screening.

Calm and detached may win elections, but it’s time for Obama to get busy and maybe even a little scared.   It is the only thing that can calm down the rest of the nation.   More stringent screening for Muslims is an idea whose time has come.


Written by thatsrightnate

January 5, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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  1. I seen Avatar today because I read this Avatar Movie Review and had to check it out. Loved it 100% its a must see…

    Matt Walsh

    January 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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