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We Endorse Scott Brown (R-MA) for Senate

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Seen here, addressing a Tea Party in Worcester, Brown is the kind of candidate Massachusettians are looking for.

The race for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat is a toss up and I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch.   In an election this month, State Senator Scott Brown is running against Democratic shrew Martha Coakley and we wholeheartedly pledge our support to Scott Brown.  We have been avoiding endorsing candidates since our support for Mike Taylor and John McCain didn’t pan out so well.  However, Scott is the rare candidate who inspires us all to get involved.

Brown grew up in the mean streets of Massachusetts where his childhood was anything, but idyllic.   Brown said of his youth, “”I was a jerk. I had some issues… There was some violence in there.”  Brown soon graduated to theft where at age 12, he was arrested for shoplifting records and sentenced to write a 1,200 word letter.

It’s hard to hold these youthful indiscretions against the Senator who admitted that a lot of the problems were his parents’ fault saying that when he was a parent he wanted “to do everything that my parents did wrong right.”

Scott Brown is a good looking man, who had the guts to bare it all and pose nude for Cosmo with only his hand covering his genitals.  However, raising the morale of women in this country isn’t the only time he has come to his country’s aid.   Scott was one of only three Massachusetts State Representatives to hold the line on handouts when he voted against giving financial assistance to Red Cross  workers who had volunteered to work with 9/11 rescue operations believing that service is its own reward and helping with their medical bills would be a step down the slippery slide to socialism.

At a time when our economy is still reeling from the recession that began almost as soon as Obama announced he was running for President, Scott Brown is a true friend to Wall Street.  When Brown announced that he would oppose any financial responsibility tax on banks, Wall Street investors responded by donating very heavily for Scott.   When Wall Street is happy then America is happy.  Scott has always stood up to those claiming that climate change is man made or that gays should be allowed to get married.   These are view held by the silent majority of Massachusettians and by the United States as a whole.   Scott reminds me of a young George W. Bush.   He’s a uniter not a divider and he is exactly what we need in a Senator.


Written by thatsrightnate

January 16, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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