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Obama’s State of the Union Speech

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I am happy to continue my long history of live blogging with Obama’s State of the Union speech.

7:52 Biden has a purple tie and Pelosi is dressed in purple—the color of royalty.   Wow!  Will the American people stand for King Obama?

7:57 Do the Judges really need to wear their robes? It’s like look at me, I’m a Supreme Court Justice la de da.

8:00 Michelle Obama is sitting next to a 4 foot tall police woman.

8:06 If we want to cut the budget do we really need 2 guys to introduce the President? Couldn’t one guy say the whole phrase?

8:13 Victory very much in doubt–not a real rousing open.  He forgot the Titanic and the Hindenberg.

8:18 Nice job by Biden on the clap fake.

8:19 Nice shout out to Bush on the bank bailout

8:28 Well if the new trains are in China, it makes sense for the Chinese to own them. Why doesn’t he get this stuff?

8:33 Boehner and Cantor eye rolling strategy key to Republican victory

8:42 Yay!  More standardized tests.  We will have the best bubble fillers in the history of filling in bubbles – take that China

8:56 Freeze spending at 1980 levels. Reagan was our greatest President and those levels were good enough for him.

9:02  You know who’d like this speech?  Bobby Jindahl

9:19  Notice Obama doesn’t mention names–he’s making up these people. I bet the money isn’t even the kid’s allowance.

9:21 Sorry for the delay in tweeting.  I dozed off.

9:30 Great we have the State of Virginia speech now

9:30 Twins freak me out

9:32 For those who say the GOP isn’t inclusive, I say to you we have an African-American on camera

9:35  An oil platform in every pool and an SUV in every garage.

9:38 The Christmas day bomber should be in Gitmo, not sent to a US court like the shoe bomber was.  In fact, let’s send all criminals to Gitmo.

9:40 I’d agree the government closest to the people governs best if I didn’t live in Chicago (Daley), Illinois (Blagojevich, Ryan)


Written by thatsrightnate

January 27, 2010 at 7:52 pm

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  1. I can’t get over Chris Matthews saying he “forgot Obama was black.” I don’t see why he’s the price I have to pay for Ed, Keith, and Rachel.


    January 28, 2010 at 10:24 am

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